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Resource NameDescriptionWho Can Access
Guidance for CSU Policies on Intellectual Property (PDF) A PDF document developed by the Academic Senate of the California State University on March 2003. It is about the 'Intellectual Property, Fair Use, and the Unbundling of Ownership Rights for the purpose of Furthering the Mission of Public Higher Education'. Anyone Can Use
US Copyright Office The Copyright Office provides basic information on copyright, information on copyright registration, guides to searching the copyright status of works, and texts of selected copyright office circulars and announcements. A connection to LOCIS, an electronic information system which allows searching of U.S. copyrights, is provided. Also available are information about licensing and royalty payments as well as connections to other Internet sites with information about intellectual property rights. Anyone Can Use
Fair Use explanation at the US Copyright Office This section records one of the important limitations of the Copyright Act --- the doctrine of ?fair use.? Anyone Can Use
Copyright and Fair Use Stanford University's Copyright and Fair Use site offers such primary materials as copyright-related statutes, judicial opinions, regulations, and current copyright legislation and treaties. Links to other informational sites on copyright are provided here as well. Anyone Can Use
Copyright Term and Public Domain in the US A series of charts explaining when any number of items pass into the US public domain. The page is maintained by Cornell University Anyone Can Use
Collection of Copyright Laws for Nations Around the World UNESCO's collection of copyright laws for their member countries. Approximately 100 different countries have their copyright laws described on this page. Anyone Can Use