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Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

The California State University, Dominguez Hills University Library Instruction Program supports the curriculum offered at our University with instruction that both addresses specific assignments and promotes lifelong information literacy for everyone who uses our Library.


The Competency Standards outlined in The Association of College and Research Librariesí Objectives for Information Literacy Instruction (January, 2000) provide the framework for ongoing development of the Instruction Program. The goals of the University Library Instruction Program are:

  • To design instruction tailored to the diverse skills and abilities of University Library users.
  • To teach students how to locate, evaluate and select an appropriate balance of electronic and print resources to complete their academic assignments.
  • To collaborate with faculty and staff to provide all library users on and off campus with individual, independent and group instruction as needed.
  • To advance the information literacy of students, staff and faculty as they find, evaluate and use information effectively to solve problems and make decisions.