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About Library Instruction

The answers to some common questions about Library Instruction Sessions

Where Are Library Instruction Classes Held?

There are several different locations around the campus where library instruction sessions are held. Please note that faculty will be notified of the location of their session when the instruction librarian responds to their request. If you are a student and are unsure which room the session will be in, please ask your professor or contact Caroline Bordinaro.

  • ERC A-411, a lecture classroom opposite the inside elevator on the fourth floor of the Library, comfortably accomodates up to 30 students.
  • ERC A-213, across the lobby from the main entrance to the Library, which offers hands-on instruction in effective use of the Library's growing collection of electronic databases. This room best accomodates groups of 20 or fewer.
  • For classes with over 30 people, instruction rooms in Welch Hall are available.

Where Should I Direct Questions or Comments About Library Instruction?

Please contact Caroline Bordinaro using the information on the Library Instruction home page.