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Ask for Reference and Research Help

For immediate online assistance with doing research, finding information for assignments and citing sources and preparing a bibliography, visit our Guides and Tutorials page. Here you will find links to

For brief information and research assistance when you are working on assignments and projects, CSUDH Reference staff can also help you.

  • Our support ranges from verifying a bibliographic citation to answering a factual question to suggesting strategies and/or appropriate resources you could use to do research for a paper or project.
  • Call the Reference Desk, 310-243-3582, (during Library hours) to speak to a reference librarian in person.
  • Not sure how to search for articles? Try our How To Find Articles help page for assistance.
  • For detailed assistance with information and research, contact the distance learning librarian : (310) 243-2088.
  • You can also e-mail a librarian here.

Some limits do apply

  • We will not do the actual research for you; e.g.: we cannot respond to a request such as "Send me a list of everything the library has on Byzantine history". However, we can help you determine whether resources are available on a topic.
  • we can answer no more than three factual or bibliographic verification questions at one time.
  • We will try to respond within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) of receiving e-mail requests, but, due to staffing limitations, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. (The 24-hour response time does not apply to requests received over the weekend or to responses we send you by mail).