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General Health & Wellness Resources

  • Health A to Z
    Navigation tool for Health & Medicine on the 'Net, with sites cataloged by medical professionals.
  • Healthfinder
    A U.S. Health & Human Services site for consumer health information consisting of online publications, databases, websites, support and self-help groups and government agencies.
  • Natural Health Village
    An excellent resource for natural health topics. Provides news and opinions on research, politics and issues concerning natural health. Includes the full text of featured journal articles.
  • African American Health
    Links to information about health issues that affect African-Americans; maintained by the National Institute of Health and National Library of Medicine.
  • Office of Minority Health & Health Disparities-Racial & Ethnic Populations
    Links to web pages on a variety of ethnic groups in the U.S.; each sub-page includes current demographics, ten leading causes of death and health issues and disparities. Maintained by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).