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Search for Books and Electronic Books

In our libraries

  • The Torofind Online Catalog of Books and other Materials lists the CSUDH Library's book holdings.
  • Note: we regret that the CSUDH Library is not currently able to mail our books and/or thesis volumes directly to your home. Please arrange to borrow books from the CSUDH Library by using the interlibrary loan services of a public library in your own community.
  • Over 40,000 electronic books are now available through Ebrary, netLibrary and Safari. You may find e-books through Torofind or you may search directly in the publishers' databases: Ebrary, netLibrary and Safari.

In other libaries

  • Public libraries are usually convenient to use, and if your neighborhood library does not have the books or journals you need, you will probably be able to obtain them through that library's interlibrary loan service at little or no cost. You can also ask your public library interlibrary loan service to obtain for you books that you have already located in the CSUDH University Library Catalog.
  • Many public libraries also provide their members with in-house and remote access to subscription databases. Remember, however, that the books, magazines and databases owned by all but the largest public libraries are usually not in themselves adequate or appropriate for academic research and study.
  • As the availability of public library services varies with location, contact your local library to determine what services may be available to you.
  • Academic libraries primarily serve their own students, staff and faculty, but many, particularly public colleges and universities, will extend privileges to students of other universities who present proof of their enrolment in a post-secondary program. You may, with payment of a small fee, be able to arrange to use their electronic resources onsite and borrow their books while you are enrolled in CSUDH courses.
  • Please note: CSUDH students who live near any of the other 23 California State University Libraries may borrow materials at no cost from these libraries. You will be asked to show your CSUDH Identification card.
  • If you are unable to come to the campus in person, contact the distance learning librarian to obtain a CSUDH identification card that confirms your enrolment in CSUDH distance learning courses.
  • You can use a tool called WorldCat to locate books in a library near you.