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Irene Osisioma, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor, Teacher Education

Department: Teacher Education

Office: COE 1471
Phone Extension: x3298
Email Username: iosisioma

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  • Osisioma, I. (2012). Accelerating, and Assuring Quality in Science, Technology and Innovation for Africa's sustainable development. Presented at the Fifth International Conference On Quality Assurance In Higher Education In Africa And Capacity Building (Training) Workshop (ICQAHEA-2012) Held in Abidjan (Conference) and Yamoussoukro (Workshop), Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. September 10-14, 2012
  • Osisioma, I. (2012). Quality Assurance of Teaching, Learning and Research In Okebukola, P. and Shabani, J. (Eds.)  Guide to Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Africa. United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization (UNESCO).
  • Osisioma, I. (2012). Moving From Theory to Practice: Applying Research on Student Learning to Science Education.  In Ivowi, U.M.O, (Ed.).  Education in Nigeria: From the Beginning to the Future
  • Osisioma, I. (2011). Effective teaching of freshman classes. In Okebukola, P. and Shabani, J. (Eds.) Guide to effective teaching and learning in higher education in Africa. United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization (UNESCO).
  • Moscovici, H., Osisioma, I. & Sarmiento, L. (2010).  Learning to move from d to D to d’: Urban elementary pre-service science teacher candidates’ transition from vernacular to the language of science education and science. Promising Practices To Meet Global Challenges In Science And Mathematics Education. International Consortium for Research in Science and Mathematics Education. Columbus, Ohio.
  • Osisioma, I. (2010, in Print). Advancing girls’ participation in science and technology education through the use gender inclusive research based instructional strategies. United Nations Educational and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) Book to be published 2010.
  • Moscovici, H. & Osisioma, I. (2009). Resolving issues of cultural discontinuity in co-facilitation of professional development. In K. C. Wieseman and M. H. Weinburgh (Eds.)Becoming and Being: Women’s Experiences in Leadership in K-16 Science Education Communities (pp. 81-94). Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE) Series in Science Education. London, New York : Springer.
  • Osisioma, I (2010). Rethinking the Nigerian educational reform process: Lessons from selected nations with unprecedented economic growth. International Journal of Educational Research. Vol. 11(3) 6-31.
  • Osisioma, I. & Onyia, C. (2009). Capturing middle school students' voices on the use of science inquiry in their classrooms. International Education Studies Vol. 2(2), 3-16.
  • Osisioma, I. & Ndunda, M. (2008). Behind the masks: Identifying students' competencies for teaching and learning science and mathematics in urban settings. School Science and Mathematics (SSMA), Vol. 108(8), 389-400.
  • Osisioma, I. & Onyia, C. (2008). Inquiry -- Oriented science in urban secondary schools: Voices of new and experienced science teachers on perception of preparedness. International Education Studies Vol. 1(2). 92-103.
  • Osisioma, I. & Moscovici, H. (2008). Profiling the beliefs of the forgotten teachers: An Analysis of intern teachers' frameworks for urban science teaching. Journal of Science Teacher Education (JSTE), 19, 285–311.
  • Moscovici, M. & Osisioma, I. (2007). Designing the best pre-service urban elementary science methods course: Dilemmas and consideration. Accepted for publication in Journal of Elementary Science.
  • Moscovici, M. & Osisioma, I. (2007). Becoming and Being: Women's Experiences in Leadership in K-16 Science Education Communities. Book chapter accepted for publication in the Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE) Monograph.
  • Osisioma, I. , & Ndunda, M. (2007) . Behind the Masks: Identifying Students' Competencies for Teaching and Learning Science and Mathematics in Urban Settings. Submitted to JSTE for publication.
  • Osisioma, I.; Ndunda, M. & Moscovivci, M. (2007). Critical Issues in Urban High Schools: Exploring Contextual Factors That Influence Students' Achievement in Mathematics and Science. Submitted to Science Education for publication.
  • Osisioma, U.I. N. (1995). Concept Mapping: A useful tool in the teaching of difficult integrated science concepts. Journal of Science Teachers' Association of Nigeria , Vol. 10, 45-52.
  • Osisioma U. I. N. (1995). Attaining meaningful learning of the concept of energy: The efficacy of the concept mapping technique, International Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 14, 109-112.
  • Osisioma, U. I. N. (1994). The Relationship Between Formal Reasoning Ability, Acquisition of Science Process Skills and Science Achievement. Journal of Science Teachers' Association of Nigeria , Vol. 8, 144-151.

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