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David Nishioka, Ph.D.

Title: Director, Title V Gateways Math-Science Project

Department: Center for Learning & Academic Support Services (CLASS)

Office: SCC 11
Phone Extension: x3305
Email Username: dnishioka

Title V Project     

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Grants Awarded

  • 2004-2009 Department of Education (No. P031S040023): Opening Academic Gateways to Science and Technical Professions for Hispanic Students. $3,171,209.
  • 1998-2002 National Institutes of Health (No. CA-67760): Telomerase Inhibitors in Cancer Therapy: Sea Urchin Embryo Model. Supplemental Grant. $130,000.
  • 1996-1997 Cancer Therapy and Research Center/Sanofi Pharmaceutical Company: Biological Effects of Telomerase Inhibitors on Normal Cells: Sea Urchin Embryo Model. $8,000.
  • 1989-1993 National Institutes of Health (No. HD-19054): The Sperm Surface in Spermatogenesis and Fertilization. $394,781.
  • 1986-1987 National Science Foundation (No. DMB 85-15545): Purchase of a Photomicroscope (Equipment Grant). $37,000.
  • 1984-1989 National Institutes of Health (No. HD-19054): Nucleo-Cytoplasmic Interactions in Eggs and Oocytes. $268,000.
  • 1980-1983 National Science Foundation (No. PCM 79-23487): The Effects of Intracellular pH on the Synthesis of DNA in Fertilized Sea Urchin Eggs. $176, 000.

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