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Terrence P. McGlynn, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor of Biology

Department: Biology

Office: NSM A-139
Phone Extension: x1077
Email Username: tmcglynn

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Invited Seminar Presentations

  • 2010 Osher Lecture Series, Extended Education Program of CSU Dominguez HillsColgate University, Tropical Biology Course in Costa Rica
  • 2009 Organization for Tropical Studies, Research Experiences for Undergraduates program Washington and Jefferson College, Tropical Ecology Course in Costa RicaOsher Lecture Series, Extended Education Program of CSU Dominguez Hills
  • 2008 California State University Northridge, Department of BiologyResearch Experiences for Undergraduates Program, La Selva Biological Station
  • 2007 California State University Long Beach, Department of BiologyCSU Dominguez Hills, Seminar Series in Biological and Biomedical ResearchLa Selva Biological StationTennessee State University, Department of Biology
  • 2006 Cincinnati Museum Center, Museum of Natural History and ScienceLa Selva Biological Station, Research Experiences for Undergraduates programMount St. Mary’s College, Department of Biology, Los AngelesUniversity of La Verne, Department of Biology, Los Angeles
  • 2005 Bridges Academy Program, University of San Diego
  • 2004 Curtin University of Technology, Department of Environmental Biology, Perth, AustraliaLa Selva Biological StationUniversity of California at Riverside, Department of EntomologyUniversity of California at San Diego, Department of Biology
  • 2003 Cornell University, Department of EntomologyLa Selva Biological StationInvisible University Lecture Series, University of San Diego
  • 2002 La Selva Biological StationHubbs-Sea World Research InstituteScience Lecture Series, University of San Diego
  • 2001 La Selva Biological Station
  • 2000 California State University, Los Angeles, Department of BiologyLa Selva Biological Station, Department of BiologyUS Forest Service, Monongahela National Forest
  • 1999 Rice University, Department of Ecology and EvolutionUniversity of Houston, Department of Biology and BiochemistryUniversity of Pittsburgh, Department of Biology
  • 1998 University of Colorado, Environmental, Population, and Organismic BiologyLa Selva Biological StationOccidental College
  • 1997 La Selva Biological Station
  • 1996 Henderson Museum, University of ColoradoWilliams Village Academic Program, University of ColoradoLa Selva Biological Station, Department of Geography, University of Colorado
  • 1993 University of Bern Zoological Institute

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