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Terrence P. McGlynn, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor of Biology

Department: Biology

Office: NSM A-139
Phone Extension: x1077
Email Username: tmcglynn

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Invited Symposium Presentations

  • McGlynn, T.P., D.A. Clark and S.F. Oberbauer 2009. Structure of a detritial food web: Relativeinfluence of biomass vs. nutrient inputs. Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting,Albuquerque (oral)
  • Poirson, E.K, T.P. McGlynn and S.F. Oberbauer. 2008. The Role of litter decomposition, fertility,and litter-dwelling animals in the carbon cycle of a tropical rain forest. InternationalCongress of Entomology, Durban, South Africa (poster)
  • McGlynn, T.P. 2008. Local gradients in stoichiometry and trophic level of an omnivorous ant.International Congress of Entomology, Durban, South Africa.
  • McGlynn, T.P. 2004. The behavioral ecology of rainforest ants. Opportunities for Research in Behavioral Science Symposium I, San Diego .
  • McGlynn, T.P. 2003. Ecology of invasive ants found in agroecosystems. Association of Integrated Pest Management Ecologists, San Luis Obispo , California , USA .
  • McGlynn, T.P. 2002. Monitoring and response strategies for preventing and controlling ant invasions. Entomological Society of America National Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale , Florida , USA .
  • McGlynn, T.P. 2002. An early warning system for social insect invasions. IUSSI International Congress, Sapporo , Japan .
  • McGlynn, T.P. 2000. Human commensalism and ecological invasions of North American exotic ants. International Congress of Entomology, Iguassu Falls , Brazil .
  • McGlynn, T.P. 1999. Food supplementation increases soldier proportion in Pheidole flavens . IUSSI International Congress, Adelaide , Australia .
  • Schultz, T.R. and T. P. McGlynn. 1996. Interactions of ants with other organisms. Smithsonian Ants of the Leaf Litter Workshop, Ihleus , Brazil.

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