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Thomas Landefeld, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Biology

Department: Biology

Office: NSM B-104
Phone Extension: x3528
Email Username: tlandefeld

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Chapters in Books

  • Boime I, Landefeld TD, Szczesna E, McWilliams D, and Boguslawski S: The Synthesis of Human Placental Lactogen and Chorionic Gonadotropin mRNA During Pregnancy. In: Peters H (ed): Protides of the Biological Fluids, Vol. XXIV (New York, NY: Pergamon Press, 1976), 17 24.
  • Boime I, Landefeld T, McQueen S, and McWilliams DR: The Biosynthesis of Chorionic Gonadotropin and Placental Lactogen in First and Third Trimester Human Placenta. In: McKerns K (ed): Structure and Function of the Gonadotropins (New York, NY: Plenum Press, 1978), 235 257.
  • Campbell KL, Bagavandoss P, Jonassen J, Landefeld TD, Rao MC, Richards, JS, and Midgley AR, Jr.: Gonadotropin Induction of Granulosa Cell Luteinization. In: Hamilton TH, Clark JL, and Sadler WA (eds): Ontogeny of Receptors and Mode of Action of Reproductive Hormones (New York, NY: Raven Press, 1979), 148 163.
  • Foster DL, Ebling FJP, Vannerson LA, Suttie JM, Landefeld TD, Padmanabhan V, Micka AM, Bucholtz DC, Wood RI, and Fenner DE: Toward an Understanding of Interfaces between Nutrition and Reproduction: the Growth-Restricted Lamb as a Model. In: Pirke K, Wuttke W, and Schweiger U. (eds): The Menstrual Cycle and Its Disorders: Influences of Nutrition, Exercise and Neurotransmitters (Heidelberg, Germany: Springer-Verlag, 1990).
  • Landefeld TD: Regulation of Pituitary Hormone Gene Expression in the Ewe. In: Chin WW, and Boime I (eds): Glycoprotein Hormones: Structure, Synthesis, and Biologic Function, Serono Symposium Series (New York, NY: Plenum Publishing Corp, 1990).
  • Haisenleder DJ, Dalkin AC, Ortolano GA, Iliff-Sizemore SA, Paul SJ, Landefeld TD, and Marshall JC: GnRH and Differential Regulation of Gonadotropin Subunit Gene Expression. In: Chin WW, and Boime I (eds): Glycoprotein Hormones: Structure, Synthesis, and Biologic Function, Serono Symposium Series (New York, NY: Plenum Publishing Corp, 1990).


Peer-Reviewed Publications


Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Midgley AR, Jr., Campbell KL, and Landefeld TD: Development of Ovarian Responsiveness: Follicle Maturation and Luteinization. Adv. Biosci. 25:361 368, 1979.
  • Marshall JC, Haisenleder DJ, Ortolano GA, Dalkin AC, Paul SJ, and Landefeld TD: Regulation of Gonadotropin Subunit Gene Expression. In: Neuroendocrine Modulation of Central Nervous System Function: Proceedings of Fifth Galveston Neurosciences Symposium, May 1988, AL Liss, Inc., New York, NY.
  • Landefeld TD, Ballard T, and Levitan I (1991) Gonadotropin Subunit Messenger Ribonucleic Acid Amounts in the Pituitary During Estradiol-Induced LH Surges in Anestrous and Breeding Season Ewes. Expt Clin Endocrinol (Life Sci Advances) 10:35-38, 1991.
  • Landefeld, TD (2005) Community College Students: An Untapped Source of Future Scientists” MiSciNet (


Selected Publications

  • Department of Biochemistry, University of Montreal, Montreal, Canada (November, 1980).
  • Department of Biochemistry, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas (August, 1981).
  • Surgeon's Third Symposium on Gut Hormones "Gene Regulation of Hormone Synthesis" Colorado Springs, Colorado (June, 1983).
  • Department of Biochemistry, Albany Medical College (September, 1984).
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Symposium "Glycoprotein Hormones: Structure and Synthesis" Miami, Florida (February, 1986)
  • Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, Worcester, MA (April 1986)
  • Integrated Genetics, Inc., Framingham, MA (April 1986)
  • Genentech Inc., San Francisco, CA (September 1986)
  • Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH (September 1986)
  • Ohio State University-Agricultural Research and Development Center, Wooster, OH (March 1987)
  • Northwestern University, Evanston, IL (June 1987)
  • University of Miami, Miami, FL (February 1988)
  • Serono Symposium on Glycoprotein Hormones: Structure, Synthesis and Biologic Function, Newport Beach, CA (March, 1989)
  • Basic Science Seminar Series, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA (November 1989)
  • Reproductive Endocrinology Labs/Department of Biochemistry, The University of Miami Medical School (February, 1992)
  • MARC/MBRS Programs, Barry University (April, 1996)
  • Graduate School, University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (April, 1996)
  • FASEB Visiting Scientist, Prairie View A & M, Prairie View, TX (Spring 2001)
  • Models of Institutional Excellence Symposium, Universidad Metropolitana, Puerto Rico
  • Keynote Speaker “Where are the Minority Scientists and Why should we care?” (October, 2002)
  • FASEB Visiting Scientist, Virginia State University (September, 2003)
  • Plenary Speaker and FASEB Visiting Scientist, Symposium on Ethics and Integrity in Research, Ana Mendez University System (November, 2003)
  • Keynote Speaker, Prairie View A & M University, Summer Research Program, August 2004
  • Keynote Speaker, University of the Virgin Islands, Celebrating 43 years of Excellence, March 2005
  • Keynote Speaker, Mount St. Mary's College, Los Angeles, April 2006
  • Keynote Speaker, University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio (Harlingen Satellite campus) March 2006


Grants Awarded

  • NIH-GM58386; Principal Investigator “Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program at CSUDH” 1998-2006.
  • NIH-GM08683; Principal Investigator “Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research (U*STAR) 1998-2006.
  • The Endocrine Society; Principal Investigator “Endocrinology Short courses at Undergraduate Institutions” 1996-1999 ($206,850).
  • California State University, Principal Investigator “Senior Focus: Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP)” 1997-1999 ($32,780).
  • NIH-HD-12016 (R01); Principal Investigator "Gonadotropin Biosynthesis" 1978-1991 40% effort.
  • NIH-HD-07048; Program Coordinator "Training in Reproductive Endocrinology" 1980-1996 15% effort.
  • Office of Vice President for Research—University of Michigan "Regulation of Reproductive Hormone mRNAs in Sheep" 9/1/93-12/31/95 10% effort.
  • USDA 90-37240-5758; Principal Investigator "Regulation of Reproductive Hormone mRNAs in Sheep" 1990-1993 40% effort.
  • NIH-HD-18258; Molecular Biology Core Director "Center for the Study of Reproduction" 1989-1994 5% effort.
  • NIH-CA-37238; Co-investigator "Regulation of Rat Pituitary Hyperplasia and Neoplasia" 1987-1994 5% effort.
  • NIH-HD-11489; Co-Investigator "Role of GnRH in Gonadotropin and Steroid Function" 1984-1991 15% effort.
  • NIH-CA-42951; Co-investigator "Studies of Normal and Neoplastic Human Pituitary Tissue" 1986-1990 10% effort.
  • NIH-AM-20572; Principal Investigator, (Pilot Feasibility Study) University of Michigan Diabetes Research Training Center "Analysis of the Insulin Gene from Patients Exhibiting Mutant Insulins" 1984-1986.


Awards and Honors

  • Undergraduate Institution Mentor Award; Presented by SACNAS, 2002
  • National Role Model Mentoring Award; Presented by Minority Access, Inc. 2001
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Community and University Service Award, CSUDH, 1999.
  • Facilitator, Session on Faculty Roles, American Association of Higher Education, 1996.
  • Chair, Panel Discussion on "Minorities in Graduate Education", GRE Forum, 1991.
  • Leader, Biological Sciences Discussion Session, GRE Forum, San Francisco, 1992.
  • Academic Leadership Award: Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), The University of Michigan Representative (1990).


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