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Thomas Landefeld, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Biology

Department: Biology

Office: NSM B-104
Phone Extension: x3528
Email Username: tlandefeld

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Grants Awarded

  • NIH-GM58386; Principal Investigator “Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program at CSUDH” 1998-2006.
  • NIH-GM08683; Principal Investigator “Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research (U*STAR) 1998-2006.
  • The Endocrine Society; Principal Investigator “Endocrinology Short courses at Undergraduate Institutions” 1996-1999 ($206,850).
  • California State University, Principal Investigator “Senior Focus: Alliance for Minority Participation (AMP)” 1997-1999 ($32,780).
  • NIH-HD-12016 (R01); Principal Investigator "Gonadotropin Biosynthesis" 1978-1991 40% effort.
  • NIH-HD-07048; Program Coordinator "Training in Reproductive Endocrinology" 1980-1996 15% effort.
  • Office of Vice President for Research—University of Michigan "Regulation of Reproductive Hormone mRNAs in Sheep" 9/1/93-12/31/95 10% effort.
  • USDA 90-37240-5758; Principal Investigator "Regulation of Reproductive Hormone mRNAs in Sheep" 1990-1993 40% effort.
  • NIH-HD-18258; Molecular Biology Core Director "Center for the Study of Reproduction" 1989-1994 5% effort.
  • NIH-CA-37238; Co-investigator "Regulation of Rat Pituitary Hyperplasia and Neoplasia" 1987-1994 5% effort.
  • NIH-HD-11489; Co-Investigator "Role of GnRH in Gonadotropin and Steroid Function" 1984-1991 15% effort.
  • NIH-CA-42951; Co-investigator "Studies of Normal and Neoplastic Human Pituitary Tissue" 1986-1990 10% effort.
  • NIH-AM-20572; Principal Investigator, (Pilot Feasibility Study) University of Michigan Diabetes Research Training Center "Analysis of the Insulin Gene from Patients Exhibiting Mutant Insulins" 1984-1986.

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