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Thomas Landefeld, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Biology

Department: Biology

Office: NSM B-104
Phone Extension: x3528
Email Username: tlandefeld

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Non Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Midgley AR, Jr., Campbell KL, and Landefeld TD: Development of Ovarian Responsiveness: Follicle Maturation and Luteinization. Adv. Biosci. 25:361 368, 1979.
  • Marshall JC, Haisenleder DJ, Ortolano GA, Dalkin AC, Paul SJ, and Landefeld TD: Regulation of Gonadotropin Subunit Gene Expression. In: Neuroendocrine Modulation of Central Nervous System Function: Proceedings of Fifth Galveston Neurosciences Symposium, May 1988, AL Liss, Inc., New York, NY.
  • Landefeld TD, Ballard T, and Levitan I (1991) Gonadotropin Subunit Messenger Ribonucleic Acid Amounts in the Pituitary During Estradiol-Induced LH Surges in Anestrous and Breeding Season Ewes. Expt Clin Endocrinol (Life Sci Advances) 10:35-38, 1991.
  • Landefeld, TD (2005) Community College Students: An Untapped Source of Future Scientists MiSciNet (

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