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Pamela C. Krochalk, Ph.D.

Title: Professor and Interim Chair, Division of Health Sciences

Department: Health Sciences

Office: WH A-330B
Phone Extension: x2690
Email Username: pkrochalk

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Peer-Reviewed Chapters in Books

  • Fellwock-Schaar, S., Krochalk, P., Cruise, M. (2007) Institutionalizing a general educaton program review process: Outcomes assessment. In S. Frankland (Ed.) Enhancing teaching and learning through assessment (pp. 290-299). The Netherlands: Springer.


Peer-Reviewed Presentations

  • Fellwock-Schaar, S., Krochalk, P., Cruise, M., “Institutionalizing a General Education Program Review Process: Outcomes Assessment.” Presented at the First International Conference on Teaching and Learning through Assessment,” Hong Kong, June 2005.
  • Krochalk, P., “Impact of Demographic Changes on Need for Health and Human Services by Elderly Chinese.” International Seminar on the Demographic Window and Healthy Aging: Socioeconomic Challenges and Opportunities, Beijing, May 2004.
  • Krochalk, P., Hu, Z., “Parent and Spouse Abuse Among Elderly Chinese: A Cross-Cultural Study of Immigrants and Non-Immigrants from China.” Fourth International Symposium on Chinese Elderly, Beijing, October 2003.
  • Krochalk, P., Hu, Z., "Perceived Role of Government in Addressing Unmet Needs for Health Services: A Cross-Cultural Comparison Study of Elderly Chinese in Los Angeles and Nanchang." Second International Symposium on Chinese Elderly, Shanghai, October 2001.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles


Invited Presentations

  • Krochalk, P. “A Cross-cultural Study of Living Arrangement Preference and Service Needs of Elderly Chinese.” China National Center on Aging Training Program, Beijing, October 2007.
  • Krochalk, P. “Use of Focus Groups with Elderly Chinese Immigrants for Conducting Cross-cultural Research.” China Research Center on Aging, October 2007.


Grants Awarded

  • “Home Child Care Microenterprise Project for a Low Income Community." Funded by the Federal Agency on Housing and Urban Development. Amount: $503,000. Funded November 2002. (Authored Project Evaluation section.)


Awards and Honors

  • Sabbatical to conduct a study titled “Depression, Suicide Ideation, and Abuse among Elderly Chinese in China”. (2006-2007)


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