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James S. Jeffers, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor and Chair, History

Department: History

Office: LCH A-319
Phone Extension: x1084
Email Username: jjeffers

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  • "From House Church to State Church: The Development of Hierarchy in Pre-Constantinian Christianity," Aufstieg und Niedergang der Römischen Welt, forthcoming.
  • "Justin Martyr and the City of Rome," Aufstieg und Niedergang der Römischen Welt, forthcoming.
  • “Decoded Papyri Offer Challenges and Rewards,” Sacred History Magazine (November 2005).
  • Il Mondo Greco-Romano all’epoca del Nuovo Testamento, trans. Paulo Bragagni, Maria Balocco and Gracia Geminiani (Milan: Edizioni San Paulo, 2004). Translation of The Greco-Roman World.
  • "Envisioning a Christian Liberal Arts Education," Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies 14: 1/2 (2002): 141-164.
  • "Slaves of God: The Impact of the Cult of the Roman Emperor on Paul's Use of the Language of Power Relations," Fides et Historia 34:1 (2002): 123-139.
  • "The Context of the New Testament," a review essay in Catalyst (27.3, March 2001).
  • The Greco-Roman World of the New Testament Era, InterVarsity Press, 1999. Now in its third printing. Translation into Italian
    Greco-Roman World book cover
    (Click on image to expand)
  • "Jewish and Christian Families in First Century Rome," in Judaism and Christianity in First-Century Rome, (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans Publishers, 1998).
  • Conflict at Rome: Social Order and Hierarchy in Early Christianity (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1991).
    Conflict at Rome book cover
    (Click on image to expand)
  • Conflito em Roma: Ordem social e hierarquia no cristianismo primitivo, trans. A. V. Sobral, M. S. Gonçalves, and L. Pellegin (Sao Paulo, Brazil: Edições Loyola,1995). Translation of Conflict at Rome.
  • "The Influence of Roman Family and Social Structures on Early Roman Christianity," SBL Seminar Papers 1988 (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1988).
  • "Pluralism and Early Roman Christianity," Fides et Historia 22:1 (1990).
  • Various book reviews.


Selected Presentations

  • “Separating the Inseparable: How Christian Apologists Sought to Separate the Political and Religious Aspects of Emperor Worship,” presented to the XV International Conference on Patristic Studies, Oxford, U.K., 2007.
  • “Greeks, Romans and Religion in the Holy Land,” a public lecture by invitation at Wheaton College, IL, 2006.
  • “Caesar v. Christ: the Clash of Cultures and Religions in the Roman Empire and Lessons for Today,” a public lecture by invitation at Fitchburg State College, MA, 2006.
  • Session Moderator, ETS Patristics Study Group, 2003.
  • "The Church's Self Identity and Attitude Toward Society in Justin Martyr," ETS Patristics, 2002.
  • "Slave Language in the Apostle Paul and the Cult of Emperor Worship," Conference on Faith and History, 2000.
  • "Converting Upper-Division Humanities Courses to the Web," web97, Northern Arizona University, 1997.
  • "Developing a Faculty Web Page," Teaching, Learning, and Technology Forum at California State University, Dominguez Hills, 1998.
  • "Teaching Courses Via the Internet," Teaching, Learning, and Technology Forum at California State University, Dominguez Hills, 1997.
  • Respondent at the 1993 Society for New Testament Studies. Topic: Jews and Christians in Rome.
  • "Change and Continuity in Lower Class Greek Families of the Hellenistic Era," Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association, 1991
  • "Making Connections: Teaching the Humanities to Diverse Students Across the Curriculum," Lilly Conference on College Teaching--West, 1991.
  • "The Impact of Roman Enslavement on Hellenistic Family Relations," International Conference on Gender and the Family, 1991.


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