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Gilah Yelin Hirsch, MFA.

Title: Professor, Art

Department: Art

Office: LCH B106
Phone Extension: x3966
Email Username: ghirsch

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Professional Photography

  • 2001 - Traditions in Architecture: Africa, America, Asia, and Oceania, 4.2 p. 95, Dora P. Crouch & June G. Johnson, Oxford University Press
  • 1999 - Solimar Magazine , Spring 1999, Special Preview Issue, Photographs accompanying article “Bringing the Himalayas Home”
  • 1989 - Photography for "Cosmography - the Writing of the Universe"
  • 1989 - Photo: "Tibetan Doctor" sold to Interactive Production Associates for "Tell Me Why" program, Santa Monica, California
  • 1989 - Exhibition of photographs in "Life Changes and the Jewish Experience", The Gallery of the Jewish Federation
  • 1986-87 - Photography for "In Search of the Sacred"
  • 1986-87 - Logo photograph for First Light Video Publications
  • 1986-87 - Photo published in Los Angeles Herald Examiner along with article, "Kyoto: City of Spiritual Business", Dec.7, 1986
  • 1984 - Documentary photographer of Rachel Rosenthal D.B.D. - Performance documentation Rachel Rosenthal, L.A.C.E. Gallery
  • 1980 - Album portrait for "Songs of Robert Burns," Philo Records

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