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Rodrick Hay, Ph.D.

Title: Dean, College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences; Professor, Earth Sciences, Geology & Geography

Department: College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Office: LIB 5734
Phone Extension: x2547
Email Username: rhay

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  • Downen, Jeanne and Rodrick Hay . 2007. C-SAFE Zambia End of Program Evaluation.Consortium for Southern Africa Food Emergency. TANGO International for the United States Agency for International Development. Final Report, 54 pages.
  • Guyer, Jane I., Eric F. Lambin, Lisa Cliggett, Peter Walker, Kojo Amanor, Thomas Bassett, Elizabeth Colson, Rodrick Hay , Katherine Homewood, Olga Linares, Opoku Pabi, Pauline Peters, Thayer Scudder, Matthew Turner and John Unruh 2007. Temporal Heterogeneity in the Study of African Land Use: Interdisciplinary Collaboration between Anthropology, Human Geography and Remote Sensing, Human Ecology, 35:3-17.
  • Cliggett, Lisa, Elizabeth Colson, Rodrick Hay , Thayer Scudder and Jon Unruh. 2007. Chronic Uncertainty and Momentary Opportunity: A half century of adaptation among Zambia 's Gwembe Tonga , Human Ecology vol. 35.1.
  • Unruh Jon, Lisa Cligget and Rodrick Hay . 2005. Migrant Land Rights Reception and 'Clearing to Claim' in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Deforestation Example from
    Southern Zambia
    , Natural Resources Forum 29 (2005) 190-198.
  • Caldwell, Richard M. and Rodrick A. Hay . 2003. C-SAFE Zambia Baseline SurveyReport of Findings . Technical Assistance to Non-Governmental Organizations, Inc., Tucson , Arizona.
  • Cliggett, Lisa, Rodrick A. Hay and Jon D. Unruh. 2003. Environmental Change inSouthern Africa : Migration, generation and land tenure in a Zambian Frontier. Workshop: Time and Generation in African Land Use, Stanford University .
  • Hay, Rodrick A. 2001. Food Security, Food Aid, and HIV/AIDS in Addis Ababa , Ethiopia . United Nations World Food Programme; Rome , Italy .
  • Hay, Rodrick A ., Patrick Johnson and Christopher Lee. 1998. Chapter 1: Remote Sensing in 1998 Biological Surveys at Proposed Land Acquisition Sites . U.S. Army National Training Center , U.S. Army: Fort Irwin .
  • Lee, Christopher T., Rodrick A. Hay and Patrick Johnson. 1998. Mapping VegetationDynamics in the Lower Colorado River Delta Using Archival Landsat MSS Satellite Imagery , Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on RemoteSensing: San Diego , California . Environmental Research Institute of Michigan , Ann Arbor Michigan .
  • Lee, Christopher T., Rodrick A. Hay and Patrick Johnson. 1997. Mapping surface disruption at the National Training Center using SPOT panchromatic imagery . Proceedings of the First Annual Fort Irwin and Mojave Desert Ecosystems Initiative Science Symposium , U.S. Army: Fort Irwin .
  • Marsh, Stuart, Charles Hutchinson, Rodrick A. Hay , Douglas Kliman, Eric Pfriman, Joseph Tabor and Eric Weiss. 1996. Environmental Support of Nomads Project Reports: Land Cover and Land Systems Mapping, Systematic Reconnaissance Flights, Desertification Status and Hazards, and Executive Summary . Provided to Hefzi Est. for Trading, Jeddah , Saudi Arabia . Office of Arid Lands Studies, University of Arizona : Tucson .
  • Kliman, Douglas, Stuart M. Marsh and Rodrick A. Hay . 1996. GPS referenced video for accuracy assessment of a small scale land cover map. Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual ESRI International Users' Conference , ESRI: Redlands
  • Hay, Rodrick A. and Stuart E. Marsh. 1994. The Gambia : Burn Scar Mapping , A Technical Report to the United States Agency for International Development. Office of Arid Lands Studies, University of Arizona : Tucson .
  • Hutchinson, Gilruth, Hay , Marsh and Lee. 1992. Geographic Information Systems Applications in Crop Assessment and Famine Early Warning . Prepared for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, Office of Arid Lands Studies, University of Arizona : Tucson
  • Hay, Rodrick A. and Douglas H. Kliman. 1992. Annex A: Resource Needs and Information Sources, Annex B: Resource Information Generation, Analysis, and Management, 74 pages, in Natural Resource and Environmental Information for Decision Making , Hassan and Hutchinson eds., World Bank: Washington D.C.
  • Laituri, Melinda., Rodrick Hay and Gregory Saxe. 1991. Generation of a GIS Database in a Transboundary Setting: Ambos Nogales , Proceedings of Arizona Hydrological Society Fourth Annual Symposium. Survival in the Desert: Water Quality Issues

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