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Donald T. Hata, Ph.D.

Title: Emeritus Professor, History

Department: History

Email Username: dhata

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Selected Conference Presentations and Lectures

  • 2012. Donald Hata, with Hatsuko Mary Higuchi, Sumiko Ida Fujimoto, Carol Tomiko Miura. "Lives Before, During, and After E.O. 9066: Oral Testimonies of Former Japanese American Internees." Santa Ana College. April. [local]
  • 2011. Donald T. Hata. "Japanese Americans and World War II: Mass Removal, Imprisonment, and Redress." Author's talk in conjunction with the exhibition "Building Evidence," by the University Library, Archives, and Special Collections. November. [local]
  • 2011. Donald Hata, with Ruth Y. Okimoto, Steven Okazaki, Gayle Yamada. "70 Years Since Executive Order 9066: 1942-2012." Co-sponsered by Stanford Program on International and Cross Cultural Education (SPICE), the Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies (IUC), the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, and the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia (NCTA). Stanford University, November. [regional] . View Video presentaton. Read summary of program.
  • 2011. Donald Hata, with Tetsuden Kashima, Roger Daniels, Karen Ishizuka, Mako Nakagawa. "CAST IN BRONZE: Terminology and Memory of the Japanese American World War II Incarceration. Co-sponsered by the Aratani Endowed Chair, Asian American Studies, UCLA, and the Tule Lake Committee. San Francisco. October. [regional]
  • 2011. Don Hata, with Hatsuko Mary Higuchi. "The Road Back: Release, Recovery, and Redress." 23 July 2011. Manzanar National Historic Site, Independence, CA. July.
  • 2010. Don Hata, with Hatsuko Mary Higuchi. "Kids in the Nikkei Diaspora." Manzanar National Historic Site, Independence, CA. August.
  • 2010. Donald Hatat, with Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga, Karen Ishizuka, and Mitch Maki. "WORDS CAN LIE OR CLARIFY: Terminology of the World War II Incarceration of Japanese Americans." 50th Anniversary program, California State University, Dominguez Hills. Carson, CA. May. [local]
  • 2009. Donald Hata, with James Hirabayashi, George Nakano. "Concentration Camps vs. Relocation Centers, Internees vs. Prisoners: Inaccurate Terms That Distort What Really Happened." Tule Lake Pilgrimage. Tule Lake, CA. July. [regional-national]
  • 1998 Don Hata, Farah Fisher, Naomi Moy , and three undergraduates: Traci Liley, Michael Rummler, Carla Tsuda. “The Kenkyu [Research] Project: A Case Study of a Collaboration by Undergraduate Students, University Reference Librarians, and Teaching Faculty to identify and compile an Annotated Bibliography as Supplements or Substitutes for Maps and Other Classroom Materials [due to freezing of library budget],” a panel at the 6 th Annual El Camino College and CSUDH Conference on Undergraduate Teaching and Learning. ECC, April 24. [local-regional]
  • 1984 Don and Nadine Hata. “Still Separate and Unequal?” Plenary session panel on “Diversity Without Divisiveness: A Usable History for a Culturally Diverse State,” at the CLIO conference on “History in the Public Schools: What Shall We Teach?” Sponsored by the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education and the California State Department of Education. UC Berkeley, August. [statewide-regional]
  • 1979 Don and Nadine Hata. “Asian and Pacific American Dimensions.” Symposium on the “Family and Community.” Sponsored by the Graduate Program in Historical Studies and the National Archives and Records Service (GSA Region IX). UC Santa Barbara, January. [regional]
  • 1978 Don Hata and Dwight Chuman [English editor, Los Angeles Rafu Shimpo ]. “Los Angeles' Lil' Toky A Case Study of Social Impacts of Historic Preservation–Conflicts and Opportunities.” 3 rd Annual California Historic Preservation Conference on “Preservation of the Total Environment: Building the Preservation-Conservation Constituency.” Sponsored by the State Office of Historic Preservation, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and Californians for Preservation Action. San Jose, May. [statewide]
  • 1976 Don and Nadine Hata. “Problems and Potential in Tracing Minority Family History: Case Study of Asian and Pacific Americans.” Special Bicentennial of the American Revolution Symposium on “Historical Perspectives on the Family and Society.” Sponsored by the National Archives and Records Center, the USC History Department, and the History Team of the Los Angeles City Bicentennial Committee. USC, January. [local-regional]
  • 1976 Don Hata and student research papers by Doreen Murakami and Susan Ozawa, Chris Uyemura, Theresa Shimatsu, Nancy Nakasone, Judy Tachibana, Sam Nakada. “Asian and Pacific Americans: New Dimensions of Research and Understanding, Problems, and Potential.” Annual Conference, Phi Alpha Theta National History Honorary Society. Anaheim, April. [national]
  • 1974 Don and Nadine Hata. “I Wonder Where the Yellow Went? Distortions, Omissions and Related Problems of Asian and Pacific Americans in California Education.” Annual National Convention of the American Educational Research Association. Chicago, April. [national]
  • 1970 Don Hata. “Ethnic History, Valid Or Not? An Asian American View.” Annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Branch of the American Historical Association. Portland, September. [regional]

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