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Donald T. Hata, Ph.D.

Title: Emeritus Professor, History

Department: History

Email Username: dhata

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Selected Keynote Speeches

  • 2012. Donald Hata (with Hatsuko Mary Higuchi). "Day of Rememberance: 70th Anniversary of the Signing of Executive Order 9066." Gardena Valley Japanese Cultural Institute. February. [local] View on YouTube.
  • 2011. Donald Hata. "Day of Rememberance: The Unfinished Business." UC Irvine Tomo No Kai (Association of Friends) student association. February. [regional]
  • 2011. Don Hata. "Japanese Americans and World War II: Mass Removal, Imprisonment, and Redress." Author's talk at the unveiling of Hatsuko Mary Higuchi's commissioned painting, E Pluribus Unum, for the university's 50th Anniversary. CSUDH. May. [local].  Read article in Dateline Dominguez and Poston Camp Updates.
  • 2010 Donald Teruo Hata. "Kids Behind Barbed Wire: Surviving the World War II Nikkei Gulag and Diaspora." Albany Civil Rights Insitute, Albany, GA. December. [regional]. 
  • 1991 Don Hata. “Public Higher Education Pays, Not Costs, the Taxpayers.” Annual Honors Convocation. CSUDH. [local]
  • 1981 Don and Nadine Hata. “Using the Past as Prologue for Educators Concerned with Asian and Pacific American Students.” Annual Third World Counselors Association conference. UC Davis. March. [statewide]
  • 1979 Don Hata. “Beyond Polemics: The Asian and Pacific American Experience in American Education.” 3 rd Annual Conference on “The Asian American Experience in Education: A Call for New Directions.” Sponsored by the Chicago Board of Education, the Illinois State Office of Education, the Midwest National Origin Desegregation Center for Asian Assistance, and the ESEA-Title VII Midwest Resource Center. Chicago, May. [regional]
  • 1979 Don Hata. “Birthright of Barbed Wire: The Japanese American Internment Camp Experience.” To the entire Sophomore Class of Occidental College, Core Program on “Contemporary American Culture. Occidental College, May. [local]
  • 1978 Don and Nadine Hata. “A Brief History of the Cooperative Effort to Construct a Japanese Garden at Dominguez Hills: A Symbol of the Ideal Relationship Between the College and Its Communities.” Annual Awards and Installation Dinner, Gardena Valley Gardeners Association. Torrance, January [local]
  • 1974 Don Hata. “The Quiet and Meek Japanese American: An Image In Need of Change.” Annual installation banquet, Los Angeles Southwest Gardeners' Association. Montebello, January. [local-regional]
  • 1974 Don Hata. “The Yellow Peril: Dead or Alive?” Lecture Series on “California: Myths & Realities. UC Irvine, February. [local]

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