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Donald T. Hata, Ph.D.

Title: Emeritus Professor, History

Department: History

Email Username: dhata

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Selected Publications

    City of Promise cover
  • Hata, Donald and Nadine Hata, "Indispensable Scapegoats: Asians & Pacific Islanders in Pre-1945 Los Angeles," in CITY OF PROMISE:  Race and Historical Change in Los Angeles. Martin Schiesl and Mark Dodge (eds.).  Claremont, CA:  Regina Books, 2006.
  • Hata, Donald Teruo and Nadine Ishitani Hata.  "Justice Delayed But Not Denied" [on the Japanese American Redress Movement] chapter in Alien Justice:  Wartime Internment in Australia and North America .  Kay Saunders and Roger Daniels (eds.)  Australia: University of Queensland Press, 2000.
  • Hata, Don and Nadine Hata.  The "Scavenger Hunt" research paper assignment in "Thinking Historically: Challenges and Solutions," in Perspectives on Teaching Innovations: Teaching to Think Historically .  A collection of essays from  Perspectives, newsletter of the American Historical Association.  1999.
  • Hata, Donald T., Jr. and Nadine Ishitani Hata. "Asian-Pacific Angelinos: Model Minorities and Indispensable Scapegoats," chapter in 20th Century Los Angeles: Power, Promotion, and Social Conflict. Norman Klein and Martin Schiesl (eds.). Claremont, CA: Regina Books, 1990.
  • Hata, Donald T., Jr. and Nadine Ishitani Hata. "California Asians," chapter in A Guide to the History of California, Doyce B. Nunis and Gloria Lothrop (eds). Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1989.
  • Hata, Don and Nadine. "George Shima: The Potato King of California,"  Journal of the West issue on "Business Entrepreneurs in the West." 1986
  • Hata, Donald T. Undesirables: Early Immigrants and the Anti-Japanese Movement in San Francisco, 1892 - 1893, Prelude to Exclusion. New York: Arno Press, 1978.
  • Hata, Donald Teruo, Jr., and Nadine Ishitani Hata.  "Run Out and Ripped Off:  A Legacy of Discrimination."  Special Asian/Pacific American ed. of Civil Rights Digest, Fall 1976.
  • Hata, Don and Nadine.   "I Wonder Where the Yellow Went?  Distortions and Omissions of Asian Americans in California Education." Integrated Education. May-June, 1974..
  • Hata, Donald Teruo and Nadine Ishitani Hata.  Japanese Americans & World War II.  Forum Press, 1974.
  • Don Hata, Jr.  "Asian Americans and Education for Cultural Pluralism," chapter in Cultural Pluralism in Education: A Mandate for Change, M. Stent, W. Hazard and H.Rivlin (eds).  N.Y.: Appleton-Century Crofts, 1973.
  • Book reviews in:   The American Historical Review, California History , The Californians , The International Migration Review The Journal of American History, The Journal of Ethnic History , Southern California Quarterly , and Western Historical Quarterly .

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