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Patricia A. Harvard-Hinchberger, RN, MSN, CNS, Ed.D.

Title: Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, CHHS

Department: Nursing

Office: WH A-330
Phone Extension: x2007
Email Username: pharvard

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Selected Presentations

  • Harvard-Hinchberger, Patricia A. (2007) Presenter, “Violence Against Female Nursing Students in the Workplace” 15th International Nursing Conference of the Nursing Network on Violence Against Women, at the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, on October 19 2007.
  • Harvard-Hinchberger, Patricia A. (2007) Poster, “Transitions in Women’s Health: Perceived Susceptibility to Osteoporosis among Female College Women” Royal College of Nursing International Research Conference 2007. Dundee, Scotland.
  • Samimi, S. & Harvard, P. (2006). Social implications of promoting beast feeding among ethnically diverse women abstract. Proceedings of the International Council on Women's Health Issues Congress (ICOWHI) 2006, Sydney Australia. Accepted but not presented.
  • Harvard-Hinchberger, Patricia A. (2006) Presenter, “Transitions in Women’s Health: Perceived Susceptibility to Osteoporosis among Female College Women” International Council on Women’s Health Issues Congress (ICOWH). November 2006 Sidney, Australia.
  • Harvard-Hinchberger, Patricia A. (2005). Presenter, “Professional Capacity Building through Critical Thinking and Mentoring”. Toward Advancing Nursing, International Nursing Conference December 9, 2005, Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
  • Harvard-Hinchberger, Patricia A. (2005). Presenter, “Enhancing Critical Literacy Project (ECLP): Innovative Strategies for Student Health Promotion”. International Council of Nursing 23rd Quadrennial Congress. Nursing on the Move: Knowledge, Innovation and Vitality. May 26, 2005, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Harvard-Hinchberger, Patricia A. (2004). Presenter initial findings, “Perceived Susceptibility to Osteoporosis among Multiethnic Female College Students”. Veteran’s Administration, Greater Los Angles Nursing Research Conference (VAGLA). October 21, 2004, Los Angeles, California.
  • Harvard, Patricia A. (2003). Presenter, “African American Women are Not Affected by Osteoporosis” Myth or Fact? Senior Ministry Conference Bethel Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Church. Address delivered in San Diego, California.
  • Harvard, Patricia A. (2002). Discovering the Process of Implementation and Utilization of Nurse Midwifery at a Middle-Eastern Hospital. Seventh International Middle East Nursing Conference "Discovering Reality: A Road For Nursing Success". Jordan University of Science and Technology. Irbid, Jordan.
  • Harvard, Patricia A. (2001). Women in the Military. Keynote Address Delivered at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support Activity in Oceanside, California. Invited by the Women in Military Service For America Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, Washington, D. C.

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