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Jianchao (Jack) Han, Ph.D.

Title: Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Department: Computer Science

Office: NSM A-133
Phone Extension: x2624
Email Username: jhan

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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Lin, T. Y., Han, J., Granular Computing: Models and Applications, to appear in International Journal of Intelligent Systems, manuscript accepted in a special issue.
  • Han, J., A Study on Feature Subset Selection Using Rough Set Theory, manuscript accepted to Journal of Approximate Reasoning.
  • Han, J., Beheshti, M., An Iterative Approach for Fuzzy Clustering based on Feature Significance, Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 11 (10), 2008.
  • Han, J., Beheshti, M., Kowalski, K., Detecting Network Intrusions Based on a Generalized Rough Set Model, The Mediterranean Journal on Computer and Networks 3(3): 72-79, 2007.
  • Han, J., Beheshti, M., Discovering Both Positive and Negative Fuzzy Association Rules in Large Transaction Databases, Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 10(3):287-294, 2006.
  • Hu, X., Lin, T., Han, J., A New Rough Sets Model Based on Database Systems, Journal of Fundamenta Informaticae 59(2-3):135-152, 2004.
  • Han, J., Hu, X., Cercone, N., A visualization model of interactive knowledge discovery systems and its implementations, Journal of Information Visualization 2(2):105-125, 2003, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Han, J. Using Table Lens to Interactively Build Classifiers, Applied Mathematics Letters 14:663-666, Elsevier Science Ltd., Pergamon, 2001.
  • Han, J., Cercone, N. Visualizing the Process of Knowledge Discovery, Journal of Electronic Imaging, SPIE, 9(4):404-420, 2000.
  • Han, J., Shi, Z., Formalizing default reasoning, International Journal of Computer Science and Technology 5(4): 374-378, 1991.
  • Han, J., Shi, Z., AIKAS—Attribute-based Inductive Knowledge Acquisition System, ACTA Electronica Sinica 18(2):1-12, 1991.
  • Shi, Z., Han, J., Attribute theory in learning systems, Future Generation Computer Systems 6:267-272, Elsevier Science Publishers, North Holland, 1990.
  • Han, J., The limits of deductive logic in knowledge engineering, Journal of computer aided engineering, No.4, 1995. (In Chinese).
  • Han, J., Information systems integration, Journal of information system and engineering, No.11, 1994. (In Chinese)
  • Han, J., Huang, J., A fourth generation language: ACCELL, Journal of Information and Computer, No.4, 1993. (In Chinese)
  • Han, J. Knowledge acquisition and machine learning, Chinese Computer Users, 10(2), 1992. (In Chinese)
  • Han, J., Zhang, R., Weather forecast expert system for Yueyang City, Journal of Computer Research and Development, No.11, 1992. (In Chinese)
  • Han, J., On Inductive Machine Learning, Journal of Computer Science, No. 6, 1991. (In Chinese).
  • Han, J., Zhang, R., An Petroleum Expert System for Daqing Oil Field, Journal of Computer Science and Development, No. 11, 1991. (In Chinese)
  • Han, J., Shi, Z., Learning by similarity, Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications, No. 3, 1990. (In Chinese)
  • Han, J., Inductive Learning and Default Reasoning, Journal of Microelectronics and Computer, No. 6, 1989. (In Chinese)

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