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Linda Groff, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Political Science and Future Studies; Coordinator, Behavioral Science Undergraduate Program

Department: Behavioral Science Undergraduate Program

Phone Extension: x3470
Email Username: ljgroff

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Selected Publications on Futures, Evolution, and Change

  • Groff, Linda. “Introduction to Future Studies,” Draft Paper, which is partially included in other published articles.
  • Groff, Linda. “Varying Responses to Global Scarcity and Limits,” Futurics: A Quarterly Journal of Futures Research, Vol. 4, No. 2 (1980), pp. 123-141.
  • Groff, Linda. “Scarcity Versus the Potential for Abundance: The Big Debate,” Draft Article.
  • Groff, Linda. “The Future of the Oceans: A Call to Action,” Article, World Futures Studies Federation Newsletter (2003).
  • Groff, Linda. “Evolving Energy Sources,” Draft Paper.
  • Groff, Linda. “R. Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller: In Memorium.” Article published in three places (1983).
  • Groff, Linda. “The Information Revolution: Global Restructuring Trends,” Conference Papers.
  • Groff, Linda. “Social and Political Evolution.” Encyclopedia of the Future. New York : Macmillan, 1996. On societal restructuring and mindset trends from Agricultural to Industrial to Information Ages.
  • Groff, Linda. “Intercultural Communication, Interreligious Dialogue, and Peace,” Futures: The Journal of Forecasting, Planning and Policy, 34 ( 2002).
  • Groff, Linda. “Insights on the Evolution of Cultures, Civilizations, and Religions,” in How Evolution Works. Bellevue , WA : Foundation for the Future, 2005, pp. 139-166.
  • Groff, Linda. “Models of Change, With Examples of Key Issues in the Future Studies Field,” Article Accepted for Conference Book , Thinking Creatively in Turbulent Times. Bethesda , MD : World Future Society, 2004, pp. 83-104.
  • Groff, Linda. “Complex, Whole Systems Paradigms for a 21st Century World,” Conference Papers.
  • Groff, Linda. “Models of Change, with Key Examples From the Future Studies Field: A Foresight Tool to Aid Policy-Makers,” Paper, COST Action-22 Conference of European Community (2007).
  • Groff, Linda. “Trends, Models, Paradigms of Change: Preparing for Life in the 21st Century” (Large Package of Materials for Talks, All-DayWorkshops and Pre-Conference Courses (including for World Future Society Annual Conferences), Futures Classes; and Draft Article).
  • Groff, Linda. “How Evolution Works: Process and Substance,” Paper, for Foundation For the Future invited “Evolution” Workshop, Bellevue, WA, 1999, which updated for book, How Evolution Works . Bellevue, WA : Foundation for the Future, 2005.
  • Groff, Linda. “Current Crises Challenging U.S. Democracy, and Alternative Future Scenarios,” in Democracy and Futures, Ed. by Mika Mannermaa, Jim Dator, and Paula Tiihonen. Book published to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Finnish Parliament. Helsinki : Finnish Parliament, 2006.
  • Groff, Linda. “The Future Evolution of Humanity,” in Journal of Future Studies (2007).
  • Groff, Linda. “Views on Women and Futures,” Special Issue of Futures: The Journal of Forecasting, Planning, and Policy (Article forthcoming 2008).
  • Groff, Linda. “Technological Revolutions (Info, Bio, Nano, and Space Tech): Societal Restructuring, Ethical, and Global Implications,” Paper for National Social Science Association Conference, April 2008.
  • Groff, Linda. “A 21st Century Movement Towards Complex, Whole Systems Thinking,” Paper, World Future Society Conference (2007); and forthcoming Article, Futures Research Quarterly (2008).
  • Groff, Linda, Co-Editor with Shaffer, Rima. Special Issue of Futures Research Quarterly on “Complex Adaptive Systems: Theories, Applications, and Methods.” (tentatively scheduled for Fall 2008).
  • Groff, Linda. Evolution Evolving: Cutting-Edge Issues for Humanity and the World. Book in process, based on published articles and draft papers.

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