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Richard Keith Gordon, Ph.D.

Title: Professor of Education, Teacher Education

Department: Education

Office: COE 1401A
Phone Extension: x3754
Email Username: rgordon

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Refereed Presentations

  • “Pedagogical Practices for Japanese Minorities: Buraku and Korean Student Academic Achievement,” Comparative and International Education Society | 52 nd Annual Conference, March 17 – 21, 2008
  • “Ways to Enhance Achievement and Resiliency in Education (WE ARE) Peace and Non-Violence Training for 9th Grade Students,” 3rd Annual CSU Conference on Community-Based Teaching and Research: From Local to Global Perspectives, Los Angeles , March 07 - 08, 2008
  • “The Benefits of Japan and United States collaborative research,” AACTE, New Orleans , February 7 - 10, 2008
  • An Examination of Dowa and Minzokugakkyu Educational Models in Japan :
  • Broad-based Implications for Multicultural Education , National Association of Multicultural Education (N.A.M.E.), Baltimore, MD, 2007
  • A Systematic Approach to Teaching and Learning: Omni-Education,” California Council of Teacher Education, San Diego , Oct. 2007
  • “ An Examination of Dowa and Minzokugakkyu Educational Models in Japan :
  • Broad-based Implications for Multicultural Education,” National Association of Multicultural Education, Baltimore , Nov. 2007
  • “Japanese and US Students Not in Education, Employment and Training (NEET) Japanese and U.S. Teacher Education Consortium (JUSTEC), University of Hawaii , July 2007
  • “Science Numbers That Count: Opportunities, Achievement, and Effective Instruction for African American Students; National Alliance of Black School Educators, November 2002
  • Highlights of California 's Professional Teaching Credential: Teacher Performance Expectations and Teacher Performance Assessment; with Steven Lee, JUSTEC, Naruto , Japan , October 2002
  • “Overview of Professional Development Schools: A Model for Japanese Attached Schools, Tokyo Gakugei University , May 2001
  • “Collaboration for Educational Change, Professional Development,” Tokyo Gakugei University , March 2001
  • “International Programs in the United States ”: Designing Education for the Learning Society , Netherlands , and November 2000
  • “Sweet Mother,” Creating Linguistic Parity in a Bilingual Urban Classroom through Song”: National Alliance of Black School Educators, Philadelphia , PA. November, 2000
  • “Lessons in Cross Curriculum Use of Multicultural Literature for K-12 Students”: National Black Child Development Institute, Washington D.C. , October 2000
  • “Classroom Lesson Planning using Constructivist Principles”: JUSTEC, International Seminar on Teacher Education, Tamagawa University, Tokyo Japan, July 2000
  • “Constructivist Teaching Practices in Japan and the United States : A Comparative Study”: JUSTEC, International Seminar on Teacher Education, Tamagawa University , Tokyo Japan , July, 2000
  • “Four Approaches to Multicultural Teaching”: CSUDH Cultural Diversity Conference, April 2000
  • “Evolving Issues in Multicultural Education: Lessons from the Burakumin - A Japanese Minority”: Global and International Education Conference, CSUDH May 1999
  • “The Millennium is Now ”: Keynote Address, Global and International Education Conference, CSUDH May 1999
  • "Finding Self-Determination through Discrimination," - International Committee to End Racism and Discrimination - Burakumin Liberation League, 50th anniversary recognition of the UN's Universal Declaration on Human Rights, Fukuoka Japan, November, 1998
  • "Taming Bureaucracies and Implementing Change," National Black Child Development Institute, Chicago, 1998
  • " The Talented Tenth and Multicultural Education” Fukuoka Committee on Human Rights, Fukuoka , Japan , June 1998.
  • "Collaboration among Universities and K-12 School Districts," JUSTEC Conference, Kyoto , Japan , June 1998
  • "Wherefore Diversity" William T. Stokes Faculty Lecture, Armstrong Atlantic University, April 1998
  • "Demystifying the Standardized Test," Allendale Elementary School , Pasadena , CA February, 1998
  • "Successes and Challenges of a Large-scale, Higher Education/PreK-12 Teacher Preparation and Professional Development Collaborative" AACTE February, 1998
  • "Multicultural Education and the Burakumin - A Japanese Minority,"Institute for Japan Studies, October, 1996
  • "Multicultural Education in the 21st Century", Enhancing MinorityAttainment VI Conference. September, 1996
  • "Teaching the Angry White Male," CSU Institute for Teaching.February, 1996
  • "Resources for Learning English as a Second Language - Tips on Selection,"English Language Learning for the 21st Century. January, 1996
  • "A Collaborative, Beginning Urban-Teacher Training Program", Enhancing Minority Attainment V Conference. September, 1995
  • "A School and University and Business Collaboration Equals Skilled Professionals for the Present and Future," Educating One-Third of a NationV: Constructing the Next American Dream. October, 1995
  • “Urban School and Urban University Collaboration,” Ninth AnnualConference on Recruitment and Retention of Minorities in Education. April, 1995
  • “Language Clarification of African-American Achievement,” National Alliance of Black School Educators. November 1994
  • "Approaches to Teaching Language Arts in a Bilingual and Multicultural Setting," Association of Teacher Educators. February 1993
  • "Discourse Patterns in Bilingual Bicultural Urban Classrooms,” California Educational Research Association. November 12, 1992
  • "Multicultural Education or Historical Revisionism," National Association of Multicultural Education. February 14, 1992
  • "Cultural Expression in the Elementary School - Hey Homeboy, What's Happenin'," The Inclusive University: Multicultural Perspectives in Higher Education. November 7, 1991
  • "Educational Foundations of Multicultural Education," National Association for Multicultural Education. February, 1991
  • "Recruitment of Underrepresented Students to Teacher Education: Teacher Options Program," National Association for Multicultural Education. February, 1991
  • "Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Urban Schools," AACTE, February, 1991
  • "Attracting Underrepresented Students To Teacher Education," California Association of Community Colleges. November, 1991
  • "Helping Children With Homework," African - American Family Conference, CSUSB. October, 1990
  • "The Self-Esteem and Motivation of Minority School Children," Inghram Elementary School San Bernardino Unified School District In-Service. May, 1990
  • "Pre-Service Teacher's Perceptions of Metropolitan School Environments,"
  • "Multicultural Education," CSUSB. March, 1990
  • "Beyond Assertive Discipline: Developing Student Self-Esteem and Motivation," San Bernardino Unified School District Discipline Conference. March, 1990
  • "The Power of Education," Project S.T.R.I.D.E. San Bernardino Department of Recreation. February 1990
  • "Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom," CSUSB Multicultural EducationConference. April 1989

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