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Munase Furusha, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor and Chair, Africana Studies Department

Department: Africana Studies

Office: LCH B308
Phone Extension: x3040
Email Username: mfurusa

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Publications Submitted

  • 2007: Journal of Black Studies - “Spelling Our Proper Name”: Re-conceptualizing the Order of Africana Studies. Submitted for publication.
  • 2007: African Studies Review - “Of Discourses, Power Politics and Economic Control: Re-Assessing the Role of African Institutes Located in Europe and America. Submitted for publication.


Co-Edited/Co-Authored Books


Chapters Published in Books/Journals

  • 2006: Tanure Ojaide, God's Medicine-Men and Other Stories (Book Review), World Literature Review (2006)  
  • 2006: Munashe Furusa, William A. Little and Irene Vasquez, “Theory, Concept and Analysis of Diaspora” in The Borders in All of Us: Three Diaspora Communities (New Africa World Press , US ) 2006  
  • 2006: “African Writers and the Art of Remembering Dismembered African Communities” in The Borders in All of Us: New Approaches to Global Diaspora Societies (New Africa World Press , US ) 2006  
  • 2006: “The Muse of History and the Politics of Gender Representation in Zimbabwean Women's Literature”, in Zifikile Mguni, Munashe Furusa and Ruby Magosvongwe. Title: African Womanhood in Zimbabwean Literature: New Critical Perspectives on Women's Literature in African Languages. Publisher: College Press. 2006. ISBN: 1-77900-502-4. Pages: 217  
  • 2000: "Television, Culture and Development in Zimbabwe " in E. M. Chiwome, Gambahaya and Furusa, Indigenous Knowledge and Technology in African and Diasporan Communities, Mond Books, Harare , February 2000.  
  • 2000: "African Culture and the Agenda for Africa's Liberation and Development" in the International Journal for Africana Studies, Los Angeles , Loyola Marymount University , 2000  
  • 1998: "The Human Factor and the African Intellectual" in Vimbai G. Chivaura and Claude G. Mararike, The Human Factor Approach to Development in Africa, University of Zimbabwe Publications, Harare, 1998.
  • 1998: "The Role of Institutions in Africa's Development" in E.M. Chiwome and G. Gambahaya, Culture and Development: Perspectives from the South, Mond Books, Harare , 1998.  
  • 1998: "The Direction of Innovation in Shona Literature" in Tom Spencer-Walters, Orality, Literacy and the Fictive Imagination: African and Diasporan Literatures, Bedford Publishers, Inc., Michigan , 1998.  
  • 1996: "Proverbs as an Expression of Philosophy of Life" in Solomon Mutswairo, Introduction to Shona Culture, Juta Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd, Harare, 1996.  


Papers Presented

  • 2007: Plotting Landscapes of Human Rights and Dignity in Zimbabwean Literature, (ASA Conference)  
  • 2007: Ayi Kwei Armah and the Significance of Self-knowledge in African's Development (CA, San Diego , March 2007)  
  • 2006: “Spelling Our Proper Name: Defining the Order of the Discipline”, (Plenary Panel, NCBS Conference, Houston , Texas , March 15-18, 2006)  
  • 2004: African Writers and the Art of Healing a Dis-membered Humanity (NCBS Conference, Atlanta , Georgia March, 2004)  
  • 2004: Reconstructing the African American Family through History and Culture (Soka Gakkai International, Los Angeles Friendship Center , July 18, 2004)  
  • 2004: The Role of African Institutes Outside Africa , (Zimbabwean International Book Fair International Conference INDABA July 31- August 7, 2004)  
  • 2003: Theorizing the African World through the Broken Lenses of Postcoloniality: Re-colonization or Liberation? (NCBS Conference, Atlanta , Georgia , March 2003).  
  • 2002: Celebrating Africana History and Culture through Africana Literature and the Arts, (African American Heritage Month, CSUDH, 2002)  
  • 2002: Re-conceptualizing Africana Studies (co-presented with Dr. William A. Little, NCBS Conference, San Diego , 6-10 March, 2002)  
  • 2002: African Worldview and Africana Theories of Literature, (NCBS Conference, San Diego , 6-10 March, 2002)  
  • 2002: African Culture, Literature and Literary Criticism, (NCBS Conference, San Diego , 6-10 March, 2002)  
  • 2002: The Challenge of Self-Definition in the African Diaspora, Black Student Union Meeting, CSU, Northridge, September 2002.  
  • 2002: Language and Creative Productions: Recreating Africana Presence into the Global Community, (co-presented with Dr. Selase Williams, Ford Foundation Funded Global Diaspora Conference, CSUDH, December 6, 2001)  
  • 2001: Black Student Organizations and African Centered Consciousness, (Collective Minds Student Conference, CSUDH, 2001)  
  • 2000: The Challenges of Africana Studies Departments in the Twenty-First Century (NCBS Conference Atlanta , Georgia 2000)  
  • 2000: Gender Relations in African Culture, Women Center and Department of Africana Studies Lecture, California State University, Dominguez Hills, March 15, 2000  
  • 2000: African Literature as an expression of African history and culture, Department of African American Studies Lecture, Loyola Marymount University, April 13, 2000  
  • 2000: African History and Culture as Sources of Values for the Empowerment of African Women, Department of Africana Studies Lecture, San Diego State University, May 3, 2000  
  • 2000: Africana Theories of Knowledge, California Statewide Africana Studies Curriculum Development Summit, California State University, Dominguez Hills, March 30, 2000  
  • 2000: The role of culture in African liberation and freedom movements, Department of Africana Studies Lecture, March 25, 2000  
  • 2000 Deconstructing African Religion, Department of Africana Studies Lecture Series, March 3, 2000  
  • 2000: Key Issues in African and African Diasporan Literature and Thought (Global Diaspora Conference 2000)  


Awards and Honors

  • 2007: Excellence in Service Award, California State University , Dominguez Hills  
  • 2007: “A Time to Embrace” 2 nd Annual Leadership Conference Honoree, County of Los Angeles , Second District, Supervisor, Yvonne B. Burke  
  • 2007: Certificate of Appreciation for participating in the “Time to Embrace” 2 nd Annual Leadership Conference, City of Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio R. Villaraigosa  
  • 2007: Certificate of Participation in the National Council for Black Studies Institute, “Incorporating Africana Studies in the K-12 Curriculum  
  • 2004: Lyle E. Gibson Distinguished Teacher Award ( California State University , Dominguez Hills)  
  • 2004: Certificate of Appreciation for Facilitating the 2004 Summer Bridge Educational and Informational Workshops (Division of Student Affairs, CSUDH)  
  • 2004: Certificate of Recognition for Being an Outstanding Advisor for the Organization of Africana Studies at CSUDH, (Associated Students, Inc.)  
  • 2002: Cheikh Anta Diop Award for Outstanding Research in Africana Studies (CSUDH Dept of Africana Studies)  
  • 2001: Frederick Douglass Award for Outstanding contribution to Africana community (CSUDH, Pan African Student Union)  
  • 2000: Cheikh Anta Diop Award for outstanding Research in Africana Studies (CSUDH, Dept of Africana Studies)  


Grants and Fellowships

  • 2006 - 2007: Ford Foundation Grant Curriculum Project ($58 000)


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