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Lynne Cook, Ph.D.

Title: Dean, College of Education

Department: College of Education

Office: COE 1409
Phone Extension: x3510
Email Username: lcook


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Other Publications

  • Cook, L., & Downing, J. (2005). The practicalities of collaboration in special education service delivery. An interview by Sally Spencer in Intervention in School and Clinic , 40(5), p296-300.
  • Cook, L. (2005). The principal's role in facilitating collaboration: An interview with Dr. Lynne Cook. Featured in B. Billingsley , Cultivating and keeping committed special education teachers. What principals and district leaders can do (pp. 140-143). Thousand Oaks , CA : Corwin.
  • Cook, L., & Hall, K. S. (2003). Five strategies to limit the burdens of paperwork . ERIC EC Digest #E654.
  • Murawski, W. W., Kurtts, S., Cook, L., & Friend, M. (2003). Instructor's resource manual for Interactions: Collaboration skills for school professionals (4 th ed.). Boston : Allyn & Bacon.
  • Friend, M., & Cook, L. (1996). The power of two: Making a difference through co-teaching (Facilitator's Manual) . Bloomington , IN : Elephant Rock Productions. Distributed by the Council for Exceptional Children, Reston , VA.
  • Cook, L. (1995). Multidisciplinary practice and collaboration. Proceedings of the 1995 Annual Meeting of the Multidisciplinary Academy of Clinical Education (MACE). Madison , WI : University of Wisconsin Medical School , 1-9.
  • Cook, L., & Friend, M. (1993). Program development. In J. Alberg (Ed.), Models for integrating students with diverse needs. Raleigh , NC : Research Triangle Institute.
  • Cook, L. (1993). Interdisciplinary professional collaboration in service of children with disabilities [Videotape]. Raleigh , NC : Enright Enterprises.
  • Cook, L. (1993). Models for professional collaboration in schools [Videotape]. Raleigh , NC : Enright Enterprises.
  • Cook, L. (1993). Communication and interpersonal skills for collaboration [Videotape]. Raleigh , NC : Enright Enterprises.
  • Cook, L. (1992). Recruitment and retention of special educators : ERIC/ECER Topical Bibliography and Abstracts. Reston , VA : The Council for Exceptional Children.
  • Friend, M., & Cook, L. (Eds.) (1991). Editorial. Preventing School Failure, 35 (4), 4.
  • Cook, L. (1990). A conceptual framework for collaboration in special education . [Audiotape]. Reston , VA : The Council for Exceptional Children.
  • Friend, M., & Cook, L. (1989). Pragmatic issues in developing consultation programs. In Illinois State Board of Education, Papers from the First Annual Illinois Initiatives Conference . Springfield , IL : Illinois State Board of Education.
  • Cavallaro, C. C., & Cook, L. (1986). Task analysis: What, why and how? In M. McIntyre (Ed.), New dimensions in interpreter education: Task analysis, theory and application (Proceedings of the Fifth Meeting of the Conference of Interpreter Trainers) (pp. 6-­20). Silver Spring , MD : Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.
  • Cook, L. (Speaker). (1985). Cooperative learning in teacher training programs in the California State University System [Videotape]. Sacramento : Training Resource Center , California State Department of Education.
  • Cook, L. (Producer). (1985). Administering, scoring, and interpreting standardized tests in special and remedial education [Videotapes and self-instructional modules]. Northridge: California State University .
  • Cook, L. (1984). [Review of Disruptive Youth in Schools], Behavioral Disorders, 9 , 223-224.
  • Cook, L. (1978). The relationship of teachers' training to perceptions of student behavior problems, teaching competence, and the utility of support roles (Doctoral dissertation, University of Michigan, 1979 ). Dissertation Abstracts International, 6059A.  

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