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Mario R. Congreve

Title: Staff Producer, CEE Mediated Instruction & Distance Learning

Department: Digital Media Arts

Office: LIB B-129
Phone Extension: x2053
Email Username: mcongreve

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Television and Films

  • 2007 “Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion” 78 min Documentary. Director of Photography, Cameraman – Producer. Boston International Films Festival, Columbus International Film Festival. Web Page    Video Clip
  • 2005 “WORLD REPORT,” HDNET. Director of Photography, Cameraman.
  • 2005 “PACT” Parents of Abducted Children Together, 30 min Documentary. Director of Photography/Cameraman. ACADEMY AWARDS CONSIDERATION 2005.
  • 2003 "A FARM PICTURE" (aired PBS-WLIW April 13, 2003). DP/Cameraman - Long Island Farm Bureau. (Telly Award – Aegis Award – Communicator Award). Information
  • 1995 – 1999 BAYMEN (aired METROCHANNELS, NY, 1999). Director of Photography/ Cameraman - Long Island, New York. (Aegis Award-Winner). Web Page
  • "Travel & Tourism," (Hogan Family Foundation). DP/Post Production .
  • "Crossing Borders / A Cuban Returns"- Producer/Director of Photography (aired , PBS – WLIL New York, PBS – WYBE, Philadelphia- Channel 56,Los Angeles ) –funding from the Ford Foundation (Non- Western Societies and Cultures Across Borders), a grant through California State University Dominguez Hills in Association with Loyola Marymount University. (1999 TELLY Awards, Finalist- SCAN/NATOA, 2 nd place-AEGIS Awards, Winner, The Columbus International Film & Video Festival Bronze Plaque, 2000- The Communicator Awards-Award of Distinction) Information
  • "GIVE OF YOURSELF." Director of Photography/Cameraman (Rotary International). 1999 TELLY Awards, Finalist. - 1998
  • "SOUTHERN CROSS."Feature -1998. Pre-production consultant for movie crew and logistics in Chile , South America. Director: James Becket - Producer: Chelita Bon Hewitt – Starring: Malcolm McDowall, Michael Ironside.
  •  "SOUND-OFF SPORTSFANS" Producer/Director for TV Sports Talkshow on Channel 3, Charter Communications - Long Beach 1997.
  • "BEST REVENGE," Feature – 1996. Director of Photography TV segments. - Director: James Becket.
  • "CAMS," 1995 - 1996. Director of photography - Three half-hour documentaries for the Annemberg / CPB Project.
  • "GETTING THERE," 1996. Producer - Sitcom pilot for Network TV.
  • "The ProShop,"1993. Producer for the network Television Show The ProShop. A half hour magazine format. Television show, including a Feature story, Lead story, Pro Talk, Pro Tips Lessons, Golfer'sQuestions, Commentary, Naud's Rules, etc. (13 episodes).
  • Shop television Network/JCPenney , Hollywood , CA 1987 - 1990. Chyron VP-2 Programmer and operator. In Charge of the VP-2 operations, creating the back plate of the “Coming Up Next on JCPenney," working in conjunction with the satellite uplink tape operator at IDB Communications.
  • Cole Green and Associates, Palos Verdes , CA 1986 - 1996. In charge of videotaping of focus groups for marketing, research and editing commercial reels for product testing.
  • Stanton Films , Redondo Beach, CA 1983 - 1986. Production coordinator and film maker of general educational films, including a series on South America, filmed on location in six countries.

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