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William R Deluca

Title: Professor, Theatre Arts

Department: Theatre Arts

Office: LCH E-311
Phone Extension: x2400
Email Username: bdeluca

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Plays Written and Directed

  • Rancho Dominguez - Teatro Touring Play, CSU Dominguez Hills 2006-7 . Wrote and directed a one act history play about the Dominguez family and their lives in 1840s California . Written as a collaboration with the Rancho Adobe Museum and toured to local fourth grade classes in Carson with multicultural theatre company, Teatro Dominguez. Information   Script (Script copyright held by Bill DeLuca)
  • Healing Stories - Teatro Dominguez Play, CSU Dominguez Hills 2004 . Wrote and directed a one act play toured to second graders about alternative healing and the importance of good nutrition. Performed at Caroldale, Ambler, 186th St. , Bonita Street , Carson Elementary, and Dominguez School . Script
  • Local Heroes - Teatro Dominguez Play, CSU Dominguez Hills 2002 . Wrote and directed a one act play about the heroes everywhere around us, and toured it to local schools in the Carson area.
  • Coyotita: The Little Coyote - Folktale Play, CSU Dominguez Hills 2000. Wrote and directed Native American fable used for Touring Production of Teatro Dominguez to local elementary schools.
  • Martina's Surprise and Magic Waters - Folktale Plays, CSU Dominguez Hills 1994-95 . Short plays used for Touring Production of Teatro Dominguez.
  • Pinocchio - Play Adapted from Carlo Collodi Novel, Wilton , NH 1983. Written and directed at Andy's Summer Theatre.
  • Marlowe - Play about Christopher Marlowe, New York , N.Y. 1982. Written with John Yinger, staged at Astor Place Theatre, with Tony Heald.


Plays Directed

  • The Little College on a Hill by by Brenda Killian and Naomi Buckley. Carson Bridge Project, November 2007. Information   Photo Gallery
  • (Click on image to expand photo.)
  • Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage. Information   Photo Gallery
  • (Click on image to expand photo.)
  • A House Named Eden by José Cruz González (Carson Bridge Project). Information   Photo Gallery   Script Script by Jose Cruz Gonzalez.
  • (Click on image to expand photo.)
  • Antigone
  • Boy by Diana Son
  • Twelfth Night (Photo Gallery)
  • Tales of the Lost Formicans (Photo Gallery)
  • The Misanthrope
  • Luminarias by Evelina Fernandez
  • Harvest Moon by José Cruz González
  • For Colored Girls (Photo Gallery)
  • On The Verge
  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Man of the Flesh by Octavio Solis
  • Fences



  • "Mask Acting: Creating Characters with Masks." Article on Acting 1991. Submitted to Dramatics Magazine.


Selected Presentations

  • "Theatre of the Oppressed" - Dialogue on Diversity, Dominguez Hills 1999 . Lecture and Workshop in techniques used for helping communities to solve social problems using theatre.
  • "Augusto Boal and Paulo Freire" - Paulo Freire Conference 1998 . Presentation on the collaboration of Brazilian educators Augusto Boal (Theatre of the Oppressed) and Paulo Freire (Pedagogy of the Oppressed). Presented at Montclair State University .
  • "Monologuing" - Diversity Conference, Center for Internationalization 1996. Lecture and demonstration for local teachers on how to use real life stories for creative writing in the classroom.
  • Quarc - Active Learning Presentation 1995. Presented to ISETA (International Society for Educational Teaching Alternatives) and Lily-West Conferences.
  • "Creative Research Papers" - Term Paper Writing Presentation, CSU Fullerton 1995 . Presented at CSU Symposium.
  • "Teatro Dominguez" - Presentation on a Multicultural Theatre, Philadelphia , PA 1994. Presented at ATHE (Association for Theatre in Higher Education) Conference.
  • "Working with Masks" - Acting Workshop, CSU Humboldt 1993. Presented at California Summer Arts' Faculty Exchange Program.
  • "Mask Acting" - Character Development Workshop for Actors, San Diego, CA 1991. Presented at SCETA (Conference of Southern California Educational Theatre Association).
  • "Chekhov: Man of Contradiction" - Paper on Russian Playwright, Wooster , OH 1986 Presented at College of Wooster Symposium.


Awards and Honors

  • City of Carson Grants - Fine Arts and Historical Commission, Carson , CA 2005-2007. Grant to fund the creation and development of two community-based theatre productions, The Carson Bridge Project and the Dominguez Bridge Project, created from interviews with local residents.
  • Mask Web Site Grant, 1999. Center for Teaching and Learning Grant to digitize mask images for the development of a Dominguez Hills web site devoted to masks.
  • African-American Theatre, 1996. Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity Program Grant to research Black Theatre and create a CD Rom for use in Theatre Arts classes.
  • Technology Grant, 1996. Funding for Hardware and Software for CD Rom development and creation of a web course (Playwriting on the Internet).
  • CD Rom of Worldwide Masks, 1996. Faculty Development grant to create a CD Rom of over 400 scanned images of masks used in ritual, theatre, dance, and carnival for use in Humanities classes.
  • Teatro Dominguez - CSU Dominguez Hills, 1995-2007. IRA Grants (Instructionally-Related Activities) from Associated Students to tour folktale performances in local schools with student assistants.
  • Folktales - CSU Dominguez Hills, 1994. Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity Program Grant to research Folktales and develop a library for potential Teatro Dominguez performances.
  • Mexican Masks - CSU Dominguez Hills, 1993. Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity Program Grant to travel to Oaxaca and research Mexican Masks.
  • Chicano Theatre - CSU Dominguez Hills, 1991. Faculty Development Grant to research Hispanic-American Theatre.
  • Teatro Dominguez - CSU Chancellor's Office, 1991. Academic Program Improvement Grant to develop Teatro Dominguez, a multicultural theatre company.
  • The Power of Masks - CSU Dominguez Hills, 1991. Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity Program Grant to research the origins and uses of performance masks.


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