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Susan Johnston, Ed.D

Title: Professor Emeritus, Teacher Education

Department: Teacher Education

Email Username: sjohnston

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  • CSUDH Outstanding Professor Award - established to honor an individual who has demonstrated superlative achievements as a teacher, and for outstanding contributions in all three traditional areas of the professorate: teaching, research, and service. The body of the recipient's work in all three catagories over the previous five years must be exceptional. [Excerpt from CSUDH Faculty Handbook]
  • CSUDH Lyle E. Gibson Distinguished Teaching Award - winners are judged to be persons who know their subjects thoroughly, and who demonstrate an ability to select, organize, and interpret with discernment the materials relevant to the courses they teach. They are recognized for their ability to communicate the materials of their courses effectively and for their active interest in the progress of students as individuals. [Excerpt from CSUDH Faculty Handbook]


Recent Publications

  • S. Johnston (2011). The missing link: Planning for student engagement. In J. Cooper & P. Robinson (Eds.), Small Group Learning in Higher Education: Research and Practice (pp. 122-129). Stillwater, OK: New Forums.
  • Jones, Matthew G. and Johnston, Susan (2010) Using Lesson Design as a Vehicle for Faculty Professional Development, PRIMUS, [Problems, Resources, and Issues in Mathematics Undergraduate Studies], Volume 20 Issue 7, 575-590.
  • The Stanford University Center for Teaching and Learning online publication: Tomorrow's Professor Newsletter: #849 - Supporting Student Success Through Scaffolding, S. Johnston, & J. Cooper.
  • The Stanford University Center for Teaching and Learning online publication: Tomorrow's Professor Newsletter: #818 The Interactive Lecture, S. Johnston, & J. Cooper. 2008
  • Director and Editor of three NSF funded QED/SCALE Grant Documentation Videos of Science Instruction Professional Development Institutes. Produced by the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 2005-2006.
  • S. Johnston (2003). Crisis of clarity. In J. Cooper (Ed.), Small Group Instruction in Higher Education - Lessons from the Past, Visions of the Future (pp. 349-355). Stillwater, OK: New Forums.
  • Contributing Editor: Cooperative Learning and College Teaching Newsletter, J. Cooper Ph.D., Editor. New Forums Press. 1991-1999.


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