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Carrie Ann Skirlick Blackaller, Ph.D.

Title: Director of Special Education University Intern Program

Department: Special Education

Office: COE 1479
Phone Extension: x3900
Email Username: cablackaller

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Grants Awarded

  • Alternative Teacher Certification Local Assistance Grant (State of California ) 2007-08 ($875,000.00); 2006-07 ($846,000.00); 2005-06 ($627,000.00); 2004-05 ($622,500.00); 2003-04 ($582,500.00).
  • Dean's Mini Research Grant; Spring, 2003
  • Affirmative Action Faculty Development Award: Computerized Case Studies in Sp. Ed., 11/91
  • Lottery Endowment Award: Urban Education Colloquium, 12/90.

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