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James L. Cooper, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Division of Education

Department: Division of Graduate Education

Office: SOE 1474
Phone Extension: x3961
Email Username: jcooper

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Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Cooper, J. A bakerís dozen strategies to foster student engagement. ( 2006, December) Exchanges (electronic journal of the California State University System).  
  • Cooper, J., & Robinson, P. (1998). Small-group instruction in science, mathematics, engineering and technology: A discipline status report and a teaching agenda for the future. Journal of College Science Teaching, 27, 383-387.    
  •  Matthews, R. S., Cooper, J. L., Davidson, N., & Hawkes, P. (1995, July/August). Building bridges between cooperative and collaborative learning. Change, 35-40.    
  • Cooper, J. L. (1995). Cooperative learning and critical thinking. The Teaching of Psychology, 22, 7-9.  
  • Cooper, J, Robinson, P. & Ball, D. (2003) The interactive lecture: Reconciling group and active learning strategies with traditional instructional formats. Exchanges (electronic journal of the California State University System)  
  • Cooper, J. L., McKinney, M., & Robinson, P. (1991). Cooperative/collaborative learning: Part II. The Journal of Staff, Program, & Organization Development, 9, 241-252.  
  • Cooper, J. L., and Mueck, R. (1990). Student involvement in learning: Cooperative learning and college instruction. Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, 1, 68-76.    
  • Cooper, J. L., & Mueck, R. (1989). Cooperative/collaborative learning: Research and practice (primarily) at the collegiate level. Journal of Staff, Program & Organization Development, 7, 143-148.    
  • Cooper, J. L. (1978). Expectancy as a function of sex, grade, feedback level and performer. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 48, 326-329.  
  • Marsh, G., Desberg, P., & Cooper, J. L. (1977). The relationship of constructive memory to reading comprehension. Journal of Reading Behavior, 4, 391-394.    
  • Cooper, J. L. (1973).Learning theory and effective instruction. Journal of Higher Education, 44, 217-234.  
  • Cooper, J. L., & Greiner, J. (1971). Contingency management in an introductory psychology course produces better retention. Psychological Record, 21, 391-400.    

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