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Kelli Beard, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Teacher Education

Department: Teacher Education

Office: COE 1457
Phone Extension: x2832
Email Username: kbeard

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Selected Presentations (International/National)

  • Beard, K. (2007 accepted). Increasing positive behavior in the urban classroom. Hawaii International Conference on Education. Waikiki, HA
  • Beard, K. (2005). Invited Speaker. Moving through the promotion, reappointment, and tenure process. LASER forum. Miami, FL.
  • Lal, S., Beard, K. & Schaar, S. (2005). Challenges with credentialing all teachers. 11th Annual Conference of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities. Carson, CA.
  • Beard, K., Duren-Green, T., & Webb-Johnson, G. (2005). Invited Speaker- Increasing academic engagement as an early intervention for urban students. CEC International Annual Meeting, Maryland, BA.
  • Beard, K. (2003). A tale of two teachers. International CCBD Conference. St. Louis, MO.
  • Beard, K. (2002). Does the color of skin make a difference in behavior intervention? Council for Exceptional Children Convention and Expo. New York, New York.
  • Beard, K. (2001). Invited Speaker Roundtable/Luncheon: Considering diversity in intervention planning. International CCBD Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Beard, K. (2001). A teacher-parent collaboration on the decrease of antisocial behavior with students of color A replication. International CCBD Conference, Atlanta, GA.
  • Beard, K. (2001). Invited Speaker Poster: Evidence-based programmatic strategies in the classroom: First Step to Success. International CHADD Conference, Anaheim, CA.
  • Beard, K. & Branch, A. (2001). Invited Speaker: Student diversity revisited: Is this part of the planning? International CCBD Conference Forum, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Cegelka, P., Graves, A., Valles, G., & Beard, K. (2000, April). Recruitment and preparation of teachers from diverse backgrounds: Challenges encountered, lessons learned. CEC International Annual Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Beard, K. (1999, October). Teachers and parents reducing problem behavior in the classroom. International CCBD Conference, Dallas, TX.
  • Cegelka, P., Cook-Morales, V, & Beard, K. (1998, November). The interface of culture and the seriously emotionally disturbed/behaviorally disordered. International CEC - DDEL, Wachington, DC.
  • Beard, K. & Williams, K. (1998). Student of color recruitment and retention in higher education. National Association of School Psychologist Conference, Orlando, FL.
  • Beard, K. & Hagan, S. (1998). A teacher and parent collaboration in decreasing problem behaviors in young elementary school children at-risk for antisocial behavior. Association for Behavior Analysis, Orlando, FL.
  • Beard, K. (1997). The effects of a teacher and parent partnership on the decrease of antisocial behavior in young elementary school children. International CCBD Conference, Dallas, TX.

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