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Kara Zugman, Ph.D

Title: Assistant Professor, Sociology

Department: Sociology

Office: SBS B-324
Phone Extension: x3937
Email Username: kzugman

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  • Alternative Political Cultures in the Américas: From the Other Campaign to the US Social Forum” in progress.
  • “The ‘Other Campaign’: The EZLN and New Forms of Politics in Mexico and Los Angeles,” submitted to Social Text (under review)
  • “Transcommunality in the Heart of Empire: Zapatismo, Immigrant Rights and the US Social Forum” Transcommunal News (forthcoming). 2008
  • “This Bridge Called Zapatismo: Urban Zapatistas from Mexico City to Los Angeles,” book manuscript in progress
  • “This Bridge Called Zapatismo: Transcultural and Transnational Activist Networks in Los Angeles” Latin American Perspectives July 2007 (under review)
  • “Walking at a Slower Pace: Transnational Zapatismo and the ‘Other Campaign’” chapter submitted for review for book manuscript Brown on Brown: Interethnic Organizing Against Empire June 2006
  • Autonomy in a Poetic Voice: Zapatistas and Politics Organizing in Los AngelesLatino Studies Vol. 3 No. 3 Nov 2005
  • Zapatistas in Urban Spaces in Mexico CityLatin American Perspectives Vol. 32 July 2005
  • “Indian Resistance in a Poetic Voice: The Urban Appropriation of Zapatista Thought in Mexico City” International Review of Modern Sociology Vol. 30. No. 2 June 2005
  • “Translating Indian Resistance: Zapatista Political Thought and Practice in Mexico City” UC Santa Cruz Chicano/Latino Research Center Working Paper No. 37 Winter 2003
  • Political Consciousness and New Social Movement TheorySocial Justice Vol. 30 No. 1 Winter 2003

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