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Burhan Yavas, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Finance & Quantative Methods

Department: Finance and Quantitative Methods

Office: SBS C-312
Phone Extension: x3501
Email Username: byavas

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Refereed Journal Articles

  • Yavas, B.F (2007). Benefits of International Portfolio Diversification, Graziadio Business Report. 10(2).
  • Yavas, B.F. and Fisher, D. (2006). Performance Evaluation of Commercial Bank Branches using Data Envelopment Analysis, Journal of Business and Management. 11(2), 89-102.
  • Rezayat, Fahimeh and Yavas, Burhan. "International Portfolio Diversification: A Study of Linkages among the U.S., European, and Japanese Equity Markets, during 1999-2001," Journal of Multinational Financial Mangement 16, No. 4 (2006): 440-458.
  • Yavas, B.F., Rezayat, F. and Bilici, H. (2004). "A Study of Correlation between International Equity Markets using Exchange-Traded Funds," Journal of Asia-Pacific Business, 5(3), 67-82.
  • Yavas, B.F., Janda, S. and Marcoulides, G. (2004). "Cross-national Stability of a Quality Management Model: A Comparative Study of USA and Turkey," Journal of Applied Mathematics and Decision Sciences, 8(1), 43-65.
  • Yavas, B.F. and Rezayat, F. (2003). "The Impact of Culture on Managerial Perceptions of Quality," International Journal of Cross-Cultural Management, 3(2): 213-234.
  • Yavas, B.F. and Konyar, K. (2003). "Cultural and Economic Determinants of Managerial Perceptions of Quality," Journal of Asia-Pacific Business. 4(4): 3-23.
  • Yavas, B.F. and Freed, R. (2001). "An Economic Rationale for Countertrade: Liquidity Constraints," International Trade Journal, 15(2): 1-30.
  • Yavas, B.F. and F. Rezayat (2001). "A Cross-country Analysis of Managerial Perceptions of Quality", In Fatemi & Jordan (Eds.) Contemporary Developments in International Business, Chapter 8, pp. 103-117.
  • Janda, S. & Yavas, B.F. (2000). "Segmenting Industrial Markets on the basis of Quality: Some Cross-National Evidence," Journal of Marketing Management, 10(1): 37-50.
  • Yavas, B.F., Freed, R. and Vardiabasis, D.(2000). "Uncertainty, The Lemon Problem, Asymmetric Information and Countertrade: An Economic Perspective," Journal of Transnational Management Development, 5(1):.3-32.
  • Yavas, B.F. & Vardiabasis, D. (1999). "Differences in Managerial Attitudes: A Study of U.S., Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore," Utrecht Business Review, 1(1): 50-74.
  • Marcoulides, G., Yavas, B., Bilgin, Z. & Gibson, C. (1998). "Reconciling the Culturalist and Rationalist Approaches to International Management: A Study of Leadership in the U.S. and Turkey," Thunderbird International Business Review, 40(6): 563-583.
  • Burrows, T. Yavas, B.F. & Bilici, H. (1997). "The Use of Generalizability Theory for Insurance Underwriting Decisions" American Business Review, 15(2): 75-84.
  • Yavas, B.F. and Bilgin, Z. (1996). "Estimating Tourism Demand In Turkey: A Pooled Cross-Section-Time-Series Analysis", Tourism Analysis, 1(1): 19-27.
  • Yavas, B.F. and Marcoulides, G.A. (1996). "An Examination of Cross-cultural Quality Management Practices of American and Asian Managers" in S.B. Prasad (Ed.) Advances in International Comparative Management, Vol. 11. Ch. 3, pp. 51-88. JAI Press.
  • Yavas, B.F., Freed, R. (1996). "Countertrade: The Role of Liquidity Shortage", Journal of Transnational Management Development, 2(1): 31-51.
  • Yavas, B.F. (1995). "A Comparison of the Quality Perceptions of Foreign and Domestic Firms in the Electronics Industry", Management International Review, 35(2): 171-188.
  • Yavas, B. F. (1995). "Employee Perceptions of Quality: Survey Results" International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 12(5): 8-17.
  • Yavas, B.F. (1995). "Quality Management Practices Worldwide: Convergence or Divergence", Quality Progress, (October) 28(10): 57-61.
  • Yavas, B.F. and Vardiabasis, D. (1995). "Intra-Industry Trade in the Pacific Rim: Trends and Implications for Regionalism vs. Globalism", In Suliman, O. & Baghadi, M. (Ed.) International Trade: Global Commodity Price Stabilization: Implications for World Trade and Development, Chapter 3. pp. 61-78. Quorum Books: Westport, CT.
  • Yavas, B.F. and Burrows, T. (1994). "A Comparative Study of Attitudes of U.S. and Asian Managers Toward Product Quality", Quality Management Journal, 2(1): 41-56.
  • Yavas, B.F. and Burrows, T. (1994). "The Use of Generalizability Theory to Improve International Lending Decisions", Journal of Transnational Management Development, 1(1):35-49.
  • Burrows, T., Yavas, B.F. and Vardiabasis, D. (1994). " Improving the Credit Analysis Process: An Illustration of Generalizability Theory", Southwestern Economic Review, 21(1): 43-55.
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  • Burrows, T. and Yavas, B.F. (1994). "Using G-Theory to Improve Lending Decisions", Journal of Retail Banking, 16(1): 27-32.
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  • Yavas, B.F. (1991). "Fast Food Franchise Chains: A Pooled Cross-Section Time-Series Analysis of the Regions of the United States", Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, 17(2): 67-74.
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  • Yavas, B.F., and Berkman, U. (1989). "Dependability of Evaluation Processes: An Application to Hiring New Faculty", Journal of Economics and Administrative Studies, 3(1): 59-71.
  • Yavas, B.F. (1988). "An Economic-Demographic Simulation Model of Interregional Growth: The Turkish Case", Review of Political Sciences, 63(3-4): 97-112.
  • Yavas, B.F., and Vardiabasis, D. (1988). "Countertrade: An Exploratory Assessment", Y. K. Economic Review, 2(4): 37-48.
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  • Vardiabasis, D., and Yavas, B.F. (1986). "Two-way Trade in the Pacific Basin", Business Insights, 6(1): 28-32.

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