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Kimberly Trimble, Ed.D.

Title: Associate Professor, Teacher Education

Department: Teacher Education

Office: COE 1414
Phone Extension: x3933
Email Username: ktrimble

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  • ----- (in press). A Road to the Top: Training Teachers in Post-Taliban Afghanistan. Review of International Education.
  • ----- (April 1996). Building a Learning Community. Equity and Excellence 29 (1), 37-40
  • P. Porter and K. D. Trimble (Fall 1994). Videodiscs: Love ‘em or leave ‘em? Social Studies Review 34(1), 60-63.
  • P. Porter and K. D. Trimble (Spring 1994). More CD-ROM hits: Picks for Computer Sophisticates. Social Studies Review 34(3).
  • P. Porter and K. D. Trimble (Winter 1994). CD-ROM is here! And what you can do about it. Social Studies Review 33(2), 62-67.
  • ----- and J. C, McDermott (Fall 1993). Neighborhoods as learning laboratories. California Catalyst (Journal of the California Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development). 28-34.
  • P. Porter and K. D. Trimble (Fall 1993). What's new in United States history? Grades 8 and 11. Social Studies Review 33(1).
  • S. Prescott, K. D. Trimble, J. McGowan, D. Wolff, and P. Porter (1993). Cooperative Learning and Teaching 4(4), 14.
  • P. Porter and K. D. Trimble (Spring 1993). Computer Programs for World History: Grades 6, 7, and 10. Social Studies Review 32(3), 63-68.
  • ----- and R. L. Sinclair (1987). On the Wrong Track: Ability Grouping and the Threat to Equity. Equity and Excellence, 22(1&2), 21-31.

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