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Marek A. Suchenek, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Department of Computer Science

Department: Computer Science

Office: NSM A-131
Phone Extension: x2068
Email Username: suchenek

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Refereed Journal Articles

  • "On Undecidability of Non-monotonic Logic", Studia Informatica 1/2(7) (2006), pp 127-132.
  • "Evaluation of Queries under the Closed-World Assumption II": The Hierarchical Case , Journal of Automated Reasoning 25 (2000), pp 247-289.
  • "Evaluation of Queries under Closed-World Assumption", Journal of Automated Reasoning 18 (1997), pp 357-398.
  • "Preservation Properties in Deductive Data Bases", an invited paper, in Methods of Logic in Computer Science: An International Journal 1 (1995), pp 315-338.
  • "First-order syntactic characterizations of minimal entailment, domain minimal entailment, and Herbrand entailment", Journal of Automated Reasoning 10 (1993), pp 237-263.
  • "Partial correctness without actual infinity", Studia Scientiarum Mathematicarum Hungarica 27 (1992), pp 159-167.
  • "On negative information in deductive databases", an invited paper (co-author: Rajshekhar Sunderraman), Journal of Database Administration 1 (1990), pp 28-41.
  • "Applications of Lyndon Homomorphism Theorems to the theory of minimal models", International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science 1 (1990), pp 49-59.
  • "Non-invasive testing of real-time avionics µprocessor systems" (co-authors: Xitong Zheng and Golam Sarwar), Microprocessing and Microprogramming, The Euromicro Journal 27 (1989), pp 665-672.
  • "Two applications of model-theoretic forcing to Lipski's model of data base with incomplete information" Fundamenta Informaticae 12 (1989) pp 269-288.
  •   "Compactness in logic of programs", Colloquia Mathematica Societatis János Bolyai 42 (1985), pp 803-810.
  • "Effective logic of programming language", Computational Linguistics and Computer Languages 15 (1982), pp. 249-264.

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