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Noel Sturm, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor and Acting Chair, Chemistry

Department: Chemistry

Office: NSM D-323
Phone Extension: x3383
Email Username: nsturm

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Peer Reviewed Papers Selected for Presentation

  • Sturm, N.S. ”Integrating Active Learning Into Traditional Chemistry Courses: the Story of One Professor’s Paradigm Shift”, ISETL, 2006.
  • Braun, J.; Ullah, T.; Millar, T., Krinsky, E., Furtado, L., Moscovici, H.; Hill, J.; Sturm , N. “Improving Science Teachers from College Freshman to Veterans”, AACTE, 2006.
  • Moscovici, H.; Sturm , N.S.; Osisioma, I. “Inquiring the Unseen: Products and Processes in Photosynthesis and Respiration”, National Science Teachers Association, Anaheim, CA, 2006.
  • Sturm, N.S. "Oxiranylphenyl Esters from Pimpinella Diversifolia" Joel H. Hildebrand Research Symposium, University of California Berkeley, paper, 1985.
  • Dev, V.; Mathela, C.S.; Melkani, A.B.; Pope, N.M.; Sturm , N.S.; Bottini, A.T. "Diesters of 2-(E-3-Methyloxiranyl)hydroquinone from Pimpinella Diversifolia". American Chemical Society Pacific Conference on Chemistry and Spectroscopy, paper, 1984.

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