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Noel Sturm, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor and Acting Chair, Chemistry

Department: Chemistry

Office: NSM D-323
Phone Extension: x3383
Email Username: nsturm

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Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Sturm , N.S. “Integrating Active Learning Into Traditional Organic and Biochemistry Courses: the Story of One Professor's Paradigm Shift”, 2007, Chem. Educator , accepted.
  • Sturm, N.S. ; Lin, Y.; Hutzler, A.M.; David, C.S.;Van Tine, B.A.; Azizeh, B.Y. Trivedi, D.; Hruby, V.J. "Structure-function Studies on Positions 17, 18 and 21 Replacement Analogues of Glucagon", 1998, 41(15), J. Med Chem., 2693-2700.  
  • Sturm, N.S. ; Hutzler, A.M.; David, C.S.; Azizeh, B.Y.; Trivedi, D.; Hruby, V.J. "Structure-activity studies of hydrophobic amino acid replacements at positions 9, 11 and 16 of glucagons", 1997, 49, Int. J. Pept. Protein Res. 293-299.  
  • Sturm, N.S.; Hutzler, A.M.; David, C.S.; Van Tine, B.A.; Dandrea, N.; Azizeh, B.Y.; Trivedi, D.; Hruby, V.J. "The Design and Synthesis of Glucagon Antagonists by Modifications at Asp9, Ser11, Ser16, Arg17,18 and Asp21", 1996, 263, Peptides: Chemistry, Structure and Biology, P.T.P. Kaumaya and R.S. Hodges, Eds., ESCOM Sci. Publ., Leiden, 633-634.  
  • McInerney, M.F.; Seidel, M.; Nguyen, J.M.D.; Flynn, J.C.; Sturm , N.S. ; Lee, H.; Zhang, Z.; Tillekerante, L.M.V.; Hudson , R.A. "Effects of a 33 residue Interleukin-1 b Peptide and the Antioxidant PQQ on Interleukin-1 b -mediated Inhibition of Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Release From Cultured Mouse Pancreatic Islets", 1996, 94(2), Res. Comm. Mol. Pathol. & Pharmacol. , 115-128.
  • Azizeh, B.Y.; Shenderovich, M.D.; Trivedi, D.; Li, G.; Sturm , N.S. ; Hruby, V.J. "Topographical Amino Acid Substitution in Position 10 of Glucagon Leads to Antagonists/Partial Agonists with Greater Binding Differences", J. Med. Chem. , 39(13), 1996, 2449-2455.  
  • Lin, Y.; Sturm , N.S. ; Trivedi, D.; Siegel, M.; Mollova, N.N.; Schram, K.H.; Hruby, V.J. "Design and Synthesis of Conformationally Constrained Glucagon Analogues", 1996, in revision, J. Med. Chem. .
  • Azizeh, B.Y.; Van Tine, B.A.; Sturm , N.S. ; Hutzler, A.M.; David, C.S.; Trivedi, D.; Hruby, V.J. "[desHis1, desPhe6, Glu9]-Glucagon Amide: A Newly Designed ÒCleanÓ Glucagon Antagonist", Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters , 5(16), 1995, 1849-1852.  
  • Azizeh, B.Y.; Trivedi, D.; David, C.; Dandrea, N.; Van Tine, B.; Sturm , N.S.; Li, G.; Hruby, V.J. "Asymmetric Amino Acid Substitution at Tyr10 Position of Glucagon Leads to Greater Receptor Binding Differences", 1995, Peptides , H.L.S. Maia and C. Schneider, eds., ESCOM Sci. Publ., Leiden, 621-622.
  • Bottini, A.T.; Dev, V.; Shah, G.C.; Mathela, C.S.; Melkani, A.B.; Nerio, A.T.; Sturm , N.S., "Cyclopentano Monoterpene Enol Acetates From Nepeta Leucophylla", Phytochemistry , 31(5), 1991, 1653.  
  • Mathela, C.S.; Dev, V.; Melkani, A.B.; Pope, N.M.; Sturm , N.S.; Bottini, A.T., "Diesters of 2-(E-3-Methyloxiranyl)hydroquinone From Pimpinella Diversifolia", Phytochemistry , 28(5), 1989,1531.  
  • Bottini, A.T.; Dev, V.; Garfagnoli, D.J.; Mathela, C.S.; Melkani, A.B.; Miller, A.A.; Sturm , N.S., "Oxiranylphenyl Esters From Pimpinella Diversifolia", Phytochemistry , 25(1), 1986 , 207.

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