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Laura Robles, Ph .D.

Title: Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

Department: Biology

Office: WH A-450
Phone Extension: x3693
Email Username: lrobles


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  • Gray, S., Kelly, S., and Robles, L. J. 2007. Rho signaling mediates cytoskeletal re-arrangements in octopus photoreceptors. Submitted to American Malacological Society Bulletin.
  • Miller, Aria M., Ramirez, Teresa,  Zuniga, Freddi I, Ochoa, Gina H., Gray, Shaunte,  Kelly, Shannon D., Matsumoto, Brian,  Robles, Laura J. 2005. Rho GTPPases regulate rhabdom morphology in octous photreceptors. Visual Neuroscience 22(3): 295-304.
  • Zuniga, F.I.*, Ochoa, G. H. and Robles, L. J. 2004. S-crystallin and arginine kinase bind F-actinin light- and dark-adapted octopus retinas. Current Eye Research 28:343-350.
  • Ochoa, Gina H.; Clark, Ying Mei; Matsumoto, Brian; Torres-Ruiz, Jose A.; Robles , Laura J . 2002. Heat shock protein 70 and heat shock protein 90 expression in light- and dark-adapted adult octopus retinas. Journal of Neurocytology 31(2):161-174
  • Musio, C., Santillo, S., Taddei-Ferretti, C., Robles, L. J. , Vismara, R., Vismara, L. and Bualtieri, P. 2001. First identification and localization of a visual pigment in Hydra (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa). Journal of Comparative Physiology 187:79-81.
  • Martinez, Juana M.; Elfarissi, Hassan; De Velasco, Begona; Ochoa, Gina H.; Miller, Aria M.; Clark, Ying Mei; Matsumoto, Brian; Robles, Laura J. 2000. Distribution of tubulin, kinesin, and dynein in light- and dark-adapted octopus retinas. Visual Neuroscience 17(1): 127-138.
  • De Velasco, Begona; Martinez, Juana M.; Ochoa, Gina H.; Miller, Aria M.; Clark, Ying Mei; Matsumoto, Brian; Robles, Laura J. 1999. Identification and immunolocalization of actin cytoskeletal components in light- and dark-adapted octopus retinas. Experimental Eye Research 68(6): 725-737.
  • Torres, Steve C., Camacho, Jose L, Matsumoto, Brian, Kuramoto, Richard T., and Robles , Laura J . 1997. Light-/dark-induced changes in rhabdom structure in the retina of Octopus bimaculoides. Cell and Tissue Research 290(1): 167-174
  • Robles, Laura J.,  Camacho, Jose L.,   Torres, Steven C.,  Flores, Anthony,  Fariss, Robert N.,  and Matsumoto, Brian. 1995. Retinoid cycling proteins redistribute in light-/dark-adapted octopus retinas. Journal of Comparative Neurology 358(4): 605-614
  • Flores, Anthony; Aguilar, Laura ; Yanez, Elsa; Molina, Tana; Robles ; Laura J . 1994. Histochemical characterization of the interphotoreceptor matrix in the retina of Octopus bimaculoides. Cell and Tissue Research 277(3): 401-406
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  • Molina*, T., Torres*, S., Flores, A., Hara, T., Hara, R., and Robles. L.J . 1992. Immunocytochemical localization of retinal binding protein in the octopus retina: a shuttle protein for 11-cis retinal. Experimental Eye Research 54:83-90.
  • Taba*, A., Quezada*, B. H., and Robles, L. J. 1989. Microscopic and biochemical characterization of lectin binding sites in the cephalopod retina. Journal of Comparative Neurology 283:559-567.
  • Robles, L. J. , Watanabe*, A., Kremer*, N. E., Wong, F., and Bok, D. 1987. Immunocytochemical localization of photopigments in cephalopod retinae. Journal of Neurocytology 16:403-415.
  • Breneman*, J. W., Robles, L.J. , and Bok, D. 1986. Light-activated retinoid transport in cephalopod retinas. Experimental Eye Research 42:645-658.
  • Robles, L. J. , Breneman*, J. W., Anderson*, E. O., Nottoli*, V. A., and Kegler*, L. L. 1986. Immunocytochemical localization of a rhodopsin-like protein in the lipochondria in photosensitive  neurons of Aplysia californica . Cell and Tissue Research 244:115-120.
  • Robles, L. J. , Cabebe*, C., Aguilo*, J. A., Anyakora*, P. A., and Bok, D. 1984. Autoradiographic and biochemical analysis of photoreceptor membrane renewal in Octopus retina. Journal of Neurocytology 13(1):145-164.
  • Robles, L.J. , 1978. Accumulation and identification of lipofuscin-like pigment in the neurons of Bulla gouldiana (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia). Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 7:53-64.
  • Robles, Laura J. and Fisher, Steven K. 1975. Acid phosphatase localization in neurons of Bulla gouldiana (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia. Cell and Tissue Research 157(2):217-225
  • Chang, S., Van Houten, J ., Robles, L. J. , Lui, S. S., and Kung, C. 1974. An extensive behavioral and genetic analysis of the Pawn mutants in Paramecium aurelia . Genetical Research, Cambridge 23:165-173.
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