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Sharon M. Raphael, Ph.D.

Title: Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Department: Sociology

Office: WH G 330-G
Email Username: sraphael

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  • Book Review for Journal of Social Work , published Fall/Winter 2005 on Gay and Lesbian Aging : Research and Future Directions , Editors, Gilbert Herdt and Brian de Vries, 2004.
  • "Lesbian Relationship Support Patterns: An Anecdotal Chronology 1971-1997, Chapter for Book on Lesbian Family and Friendship Networks Editor Marcy Adelman, Haworth Press, 2000.
  • Family Support Patterns for Mid-life Lesbians: Recollections of a Lesbian couple 1971-97,” Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services. Vol. 11 2/3/2000.
  • Consulted about ideas for article and quoted on p.36 in article titled“The New Compassion” by David France featured in Modern Maturity , magazine, a publication oƒ the American Association of Retired Persons the May/June issue, 1997. The article focuses on the issue of nontraditional families and caregiving.
  • "Old Lesbians Seizing the Moment, Changing their World”, Chapter. Lambda Gray. A Practical, Emotional and Spiritual Guide for Gay and Lesbians Who Are Growing Older . Newcastle, Hollywood, Ca. 1993. Co-authored with Mina K. Meyer, M.A.
  • Book Review on Women Like Us . New York University Press. June, 1992.
  • Article Review on "Expectations of Gay Men and Lesbian Adults As They Age," for The Gerontologist, Publication of the Gerontological Society of America. Washington D.C. 1990.
  • “NALGG's Birth in 1978”, in Making A Difference, Newsletter of The National Association for Lesbian and Gay Gerontology, San Francisco, Fall, 1990.
  • "The Old Lesbian: Some Observations Ten Years Later” Chapter The Sourcebook on Lesbian/Gay Health Care , (second edition) National Lesbian and Gay Health Foundation Inc., Washington D.C. 1988. Co-authored with Mina K. Robinson, M.A.
  • Report on the Public Hearings: The Aids Response in the County of Los Angeles, Feb.16,1987. W. Hollywood, Los Angeles AIDS Hospice Committee, L.A. 1987.
  • Bibliography on Lesbian and Gay Aging, National Association for Lesbian and Gay Gerontology, San Francisco, 1984. T. Darty and S. Potter (Ed.) Women Identified Women. Palo Alto: Mayfield Publishing, 1984, p.67-82. Co-authored with Mina K. Robinson, M.A.
  • “The Older Lesbian:Love Relationships and Friendship Patterns” in T. Darty and S. Potter (Ed.) Women Identified Women. Palo Alto: Mayfield Publishing, 1984, p.67-82. Co-authored with Mina K. Robinson, M.A.
  • “Focus on Lesbian and Gay Aging”, The Association for Gerontology in Higher Education Newsletter, Spring/Summer, 1982, Vol. 5, No.2, p.5-8.
  • "Lesbians and Gay Men in Later LIfe," Generations. Journal of The American Society on Aging. San Francisco, Fall, 1981
  • “The Older Lesbian: Love Relationships and Friendship Patterns.” , Sage Publications, May, 1980 Vol.3, No.2:207-229. Co-authored with Mina K. Robinson, M.A.



  • Facilitated Four Workshops for Old Lesbians Organizing for Change Conference , Houston, Texas, 2004.
  • “Gay Liberation Through the Millennia” moderated and presented at Diversity Forum Series, CSUDH. Nov. 2000
  • “Lesbians at Mid-life”, panel for LGAIN (Lesbian Gay Aging Interest Network) presented at American Society on Aging, San Diego, 1999.
  • "Overview on Lesbian and Gay Aging" Panel on Sexual Orientation and Elder Abuse. Sponsored by National Association of Adult Protective Services and The Archstone Foundation. June, 1997, Long Beach, California.
  • “Relationship Issues for mid-life Lesbians" Southern California Association of Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapists. June,1997, Los Angeles, California.
  • "Looking at Issues Across the Life Span" American Society on Aging Atlanta, Georgia. March 14, 1995.
  • "Preparation for White House Conference on Aging" American Society on Aging. Atlanta, Georgia, March 14, 1995.
  • “Lesbian and Gay Issues ” Affirmative Action Open Forum. California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson, Ca. Nov.,1994
  • "Bringing the University to the Community”: AIDS and the Law Conference. American Sociological Association, Los Angeles, Aug. 1994. (paper)
  • "Dealing From The Top of the Deck” AIDS Awareness Week. Sponsored by the Health Center, California State University Dominguez Hills, March, 1994.
  • “Gay and Lesbian Studies in Gerontology: A Campus Dialogue". American Society on Aging, Diversity with a Difference Conference,co-sponsor University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Oct, (paper)
  • "Old Lesbians Deconstructing Ageism: Signposts to the Future." Gerontologic Society of America,San Francisco, June, 1992. (paper)
  • "Research Strategies and Issues in the Study of Lesbian Aging." American Society on Aging, San Francisco,June, 1992. (paper)
  • "A Good Gay Old Age: History and Contemporary Social Issues."American Society on Aging, New Orleans, March, 1991. (paper)
  • "Mid-Life Lesbians." Lesbian Sisters Radio Show, KPFK, Aug 4, 1991.
  • "Lesbian and Gay Gerontology." Keynote address to Lesbian and Gay Senior Organization, Hollywood,Ca. Nov.1991.
  • "Addressing the Needs of Lesbian and Gay Seniors." UCLA Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Los Angeles, Feb. 1990. (paper)
  • "Empowerment and Old Age". Keynote Address to Normandale Senior Citizens, Harbor City, 1990.


Organized Conferences

  • Convener, Minority Group Aging Conference, C.S.U.D.H.,1977.
  • Convener, Mini-White House Conference on Aging, Aging in the Gay and Lesbian Community, West Hollywood, 1980.
  • Convener, First National Conference on Lesbian and Gay Aging, C.S.U.D.H.,1981.
  • Organizer and Sponsor, West Coast Old Lesbian Conference & Celebration, C.S.U.D.H. April,1987.
  • Organizing Committee Member, Aids and the Law Conference, sponsored by CSUDH, Aug. 1994


Recent Grants and Grant Proposals

  • Grant Award to CSUDH Faculty Development Office applying community service learning objectives to Beh. 569 01 Internship in Gerontology Course, Dec. 2000.
  • Grant Proposal CSUDH. “Teamwork on Elder Abuse”. submitted to AARP Andrus Foundation. Principal Investigators, Mary Cruise and Sharon Raphael. Sept. 1995.
  • Funded Grant CSUDH “Team Teaching Computer Project” submitted to and funded by Faculty Development Office. Spring, 1997. Principal nvestigators: Jeanne Curran, Sharon Raphael, and Robert Christie.
  • OmniLore Grant from Extended Education at CSUDH to be given yearly in the amount of $500.00 to an exceptional student in Behavioral Science Gerontology Option. OmniLore is a self-study peer-directed group of retired persons taking special courses through extended education. started 1997 - present
  • Worked on proposal with Dr. Edith Neumann on research project for the Medical Education Project of Gardena on an evaluation project and research study on the effects of pharmaceutical drugs and their interactive or overuse effects on the elderly. Sponsor of study is Director of the MEDED Program, Ms. Debby LeVan, M.A. Will receive course off Fall semester to conduct the study. The results of work will produce two different documents, one an evaluatin of program and the other results of survey .


Awards and Grants

  • Meritorious Professional Performance Merit Award California State University Dominguez Hills, 1988
  • Steve Berman Humanitarian Award for Distinguished Service to the Gay and Lesbian Community, Christopher Street West Assoc.,1987
  • Disabled Student Services Award, California State University Dominguez Hills, 1983,1984,1985,1987,1988
  • Sabbatical Research Leaves Awarded, Spring,1977, 1987, 2000
  • Research and Education Award, National Association For Lesbian and Gay Gerontology, 1983
  • Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement in Lesbian and Gay Gerontology, National Assoc. for Lesbian and Gay Gerontology, 1981
  • Graduate Assistantship for Master's Program in Sociology, Western Reserve University, 1963-65, (Paid Living and School Expenses)


Fellowship Awards

  • Fellowship , University of Southern California, Summer Institute of Gerontology, Los Angeles, Ca. Summer, 1968
  • Fellowship in Gerontology, Health Education and Welfare Dept. U.S. Government, for Doctoral Program Study at Case Western Reserve University, 1967-70 (Paid Living and school expenses)
  • Fellowship for Summer workshop on Race Relations, Nation Council of Christians and Jews, 1965


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