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Sharon M. Raphael, Ph.D.

Title: Professor Emeritus of Sociology

Department: Sociology

Office: WH G 330-G
Email Username: sraphael

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  • Facilitated Four Workshops for Old Lesbians Organizing for Change Conference , Houston, Texas, 2004.
  • “Gay Liberation Through the Millennia” moderated and presented at Diversity Forum Series, CSUDH. Nov. 2000
  • “Lesbians at Mid-life”, panel for LGAIN (Lesbian Gay Aging Interest Network) presented at American Society on Aging, San Diego, 1999.
  • "Overview on Lesbian and Gay Aging" Panel on Sexual Orientation and Elder Abuse. Sponsored by National Association of Adult Protective Services and The Archstone Foundation. June, 1997, Long Beach, California.
  • “Relationship Issues for mid-life Lesbians" Southern California Association of Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapists. June,1997, Los Angeles, California.
  • "Looking at Issues Across the Life Span" American Society on Aging Atlanta, Georgia. March 14, 1995.
  • "Preparation for White House Conference on Aging" American Society on Aging. Atlanta, Georgia, March 14, 1995.
  • “Lesbian and Gay Issues ” Affirmative Action Open Forum. California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson, Ca. Nov.,1994
  • "Bringing the University to the Community”: AIDS and the Law Conference. American Sociological Association, Los Angeles, Aug. 1994. (paper)
  • "Dealing From The Top of the Deck” AIDS Awareness Week. Sponsored by the Health Center, California State University Dominguez Hills, March, 1994.
  • “Gay and Lesbian Studies in Gerontology: A Campus Dialogue". American Society on Aging, Diversity with a Difference Conference,co-sponsor University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Oct, (paper)
  • "Old Lesbians Deconstructing Ageism: Signposts to the Future." Gerontologic Society of America,San Francisco, June, 1992. (paper)
  • "Research Strategies and Issues in the Study of Lesbian Aging." American Society on Aging, San Francisco,June, 1992. (paper)
  • "A Good Gay Old Age: History and Contemporary Social Issues."American Society on Aging, New Orleans, March, 1991. (paper)
  • "Mid-Life Lesbians." Lesbian Sisters Radio Show, KPFK, Aug 4, 1991.
  • "Lesbian and Gay Gerontology." Keynote address to Lesbian and Gay Senior Organization, Hollywood,Ca. Nov.1991.
  • "Addressing the Needs of Lesbian and Gay Seniors." UCLA Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Los Angeles, Feb. 1990. (paper)
  • "Empowerment and Old Age". Keynote Address to Normandale Senior Citizens, Harbor City, 1990.

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