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Larry Press, Ph.D.

Title: Professor, Computer Information Systems Department (CIS)

Department: Computer Science

Office: SAC 2144
Phone Extension: x3570
Email Username: lpress

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Selected Presentations

  • Press, Larry and Dumans, Marie-Elise, The Digital Divide Report: ICT Diffusion Index 2005, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), 82 pages, Geneva, July, 2006.
  • Press, Larry, Invited presentation, From Measurement to Action, Conference on Digital Transformations in the Information Society, InternationalTelecommunication Union, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2006.
  • Press, Larry, Chair, panel on Connecting the World's Rural Villages, Association for Information Systems Americas Conference on Information Systems at the University of Nebraska, August 11-4 2005.
  • Press, Larry, An African Internet Infrastructure Proposal for the G8, Business and Information Technologies (BIT) conference, UCLA Anderson School of Management, July 22-3 2005,
  • Press, Larry, Toward a Global Rural Network, Global Information Technology World Conference, Anchorage, Alaska, June 2005.
  • Press, Larry, Invited address, ITU World Summit on Information Society Thematic Meeting on Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships for Bridging the Digital Divide, Seoul, Korea, June 2005.
  • Press, Larry, Measuring and Reducing the Digital Divide, ITU Digital Bridges Symposium, Busan, Korea, September 2004.
  • Press, Larry, Ten Objections to a Comprehensive, High-Speed Internet Backbone in Bangladesh, International Workshop on Nationwide Internet Access and Online Applications, Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 22-24 2004.
  • Press, Larry, The Internet in Developing Nations: A Grand Challenge, Keynote address, International Workshop on Nationwide Internet Access and Online Applications, Dhaka, Bangladesh, May 22-24 2004.
  • Press, Larry, Internet Diffusion Metrics, presentation at INET 2002, International Networking Conference of the Internet Society, Washington DC, June, 2002
  • Press, Larry, Surveying the Latin American Infrastructure, in The Future of the Information Revolution In Latin America, Proceedings of an International Conference, Gregory F. Treverton and Lee Mizell, RAND, Santa Monica, CA, 2001.
  • Press, Larry, The Information Revolution in Latin America, Rand Workshop on the Future of the Information Revolution in Latin America, November 1-2, 2000, Washington DC.
  • Press, Larry, Ecommerce in Developing Nations, presented at the Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, Lawrence, KS, September, 2000.
  • Press, L., The Worldwide Information Revolution Demographics, Conference on the Global Course of the Information Revolution, RAND Corporation, Washington, DC, November 16-18, 1999.
  • Press, L., "Comments on the Informatics 2000 Plan," Fourth Informatica Conference, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, August 2-6, 1994.
  • Press, L., "Internet and Interactive TV: Two Cultures," Conference on The Electronic Highway, University of Montreal, May, 1994.
  • Press, L. "Resources for Network Growth," Proceedings of the Conference on The Impact of Informatics on Developing Countries, Working Group 9.4, International Federation of Information Processing Societies (IFIP), Havana, Cuba, February 21-23, 1994.
  • Bretz, Carlisle, Carlstedt, Crocker, Levin, and Press, "A Teleconference on Teleconferencing," ISI WP-4, Information Sciences Institute, University of Southern California, September, 1976.
  • Press, L., and Rogers, M., "Inductive Data Exploration and Analysis: Pilot Applications," presented at the special meeting of the Psychometric Society, Washington, D.C., 1967.
  • (Many multiple presentations) The Internet Society, UCLA Information Systems Seminar, Claremont Graduate School Seminar, Informatica Conference, Vietnam, Informatica Conference, Cuba, University of Montreal, Latin American and Caribbean Networking Forum, Georgetown University Center for Latin American Studies, Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy, National Research Council, USC Information Sciences Institute, University of Arizona, George Mason University, New School for Social Research, The Central University of Venezuela, The City University of London, US State Department Cuban Interest Section, RAND Corporation, New Jersey Institute of Technology, United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development, and The International Telecommunication Union.

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