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Books on Reserve

The Circulation Department also includes a Reserve Book Room, where instructors can place library materials on reserve. The Reserve Book Room is located behind the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor of the library.

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Reserve Book Information

What Materials are Placed on Reserve?Items selected by instructors which are needed by students for class assignments
High demand items selected by the University Library
Where are Reserve Materials Located?The Reserve Book Room is located behind the Circulation & Reserve Books Counter, located on the second floor of the library (straight and to the left when you enter).
What Information Do I Need to Know to Ask for Something on Reserve?Tell the desk attendant your instructor's name and the title and number of your class. You will also need to get the Call Number of the item from the Library's Online Catalogue.
Click here for a guide on how to get the Call Number of an item.
Can I Check Out Reserve Materials?Yes, for short periods of time ranging from two hours to four days. Instructors decide how long each title can be checked out. (Note that overdue reserve materials incur higher fines than regular materials—see Overdue Charges for details)
What Else is Kept on Reserve?Term paper, test preparation, and resume writing manuals.
Current issues of heavily used periodicals.
Who Can I Contact With Questions or Comments About the Reserves Area?The Reserves Assistant, at (310) 243-2048 or via e-mail: nfelina@csudh.edu