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Circulation Policies

Billing Notices  |  Check-out Limits  |  Library Cards  |  Loan Periods  |  Mutual Use
Overdue Charges  |  Replacement Charges  |  Renewals

Billing Notices

It is the responsibility of each borrower to know when their materials are due. As a courtesy, when materials become overdue, the Library will send a reminder notice or overdue notice. Failure to receive this notice is not grounds for the cancellation of fines. All library notices are sent via campus-issued e-mail when possible. It is your responsibility to keep the Library informed on changes of mailing address and e-mail address.

Check-out Limits

  • Students (Undergraduate / Graduate): 30 items
  • Faculty: 100
  • Staff & Thesis students: 30
  • Extended Education: 30

Library Cards

  • Students (Undergraduate/Graduate)
      CSUDH Identification card with current Validation sticker
  • Faculty/Staff
      CSUDH Identification card
  • Thesis Students
      CSUDH Identification card & Letter on file from thesis advisor requesting thesis loan privileges
  • Extended Education
      Extended Education Identification card along with a photo ID

Loan Periods

  • Students (Undergraduate / Graduate)
      Loan Period: 28 days
  • Faculty
      Loan Period: Semi-annual
  • Staff
      Loan Period: Current Semester
  • Thesis Students
      Loan Period: Current Semester
  • Extended Education
      Loan Period: 28 days

Mutual Use

You can obtain materials from any other library in the CSU system by presenting your valid student identification card. Loan periods for each campus are different from CSU Dominguez Hills. Staff at other CSU libraries will note due dates for each item.

Overdue Charges

If you do not return your material on time, the Library may issue either a fine or a replacement bill. Borrowers are responsible for managing their own materials. Fines begin accruing as soon as the material is overdue.

  • Circulating Items
      $0.25 per day per item. Billed for replacement after item is 30 days overdue.
  • Hourly Reserve Items
      $1.00 per hour per item. Billed for replacement after item is 1 day overdue.
  • Daily Reserve Items
    $1.00 per day per item. Billed for replacement after item is 7 days overdue.

It is your responsibility as the borrower to:

  • Know when materials are due to be returned.
  • Return materials to the circulation desk or the return bins on or before the due date. Do not return your book elsewhere.
  • Renew materials on or before the due date.
  • Return recalled materials to the circulation desk or the return bins immediately.
  • Exercise care in handling all library materials.
  • Report damage to materials prior to check-out.
  • Be accountable for all activity that takes place on your library account.
  • Pay any applicable fines or fees for lost, damaged, or overdue library materials.
  • Notify Circulation of address or email changes.
  • Notify Circulation if your library card is lost or stolen

Replacement Charges

Replacement bills are issued when borrowers fail to return or renew checked-out materials. Books are considered lost 30 days after the due date. Each bill includes a Billing Processing fee and a replacement charge for the item. The current replacement fee is $65 per item or the actual cost of the item, whichever is higher. The billing-processing fee is $20 and is non-refundable.

Cost of Lost ItemReplacement CostProcessing FeeTotal Replacement Charge
$65.00 or less$65.00$20.00$85.00
Greater than $65.00Item Cost$20.00Item Cost + $20.00

Materials billed for replacement which are returned within 6 months of the original due date will have the replacement charge reduced to the Billing-Processing fee ($20) plus the maximum overdue charge ($25)


For your convenience, you may renew materials online by clicking here or in person at the Circulation and Reserves desks, provided you have not reached your renewal limit. Once a book has reached its renewal limit, it must physically be brought into the library for check-in. You may re-check it out as long as another borrower has not requested the book. You may place a hold on books that are checked out to other patrons or not on the shelf. Overdue books may be renewed as long as your outstanding or accrued fines do not exceed $9.50.