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New Patron Registration

Please note that in most cases you should no longer have to register as a patron to be added to the database. This is due to changes in the library's and university's infrastructure. However, if you think that you are not a registered user, and that you should be, please contact the Circulation Department or fill out the following form.

Please allow at least three working days for us to process your online registration.

NOTE: You will not be contact when your registration is complete. To check whether your registration has been processed, attempt to log in to a database which requires your name and 14 digit barcode ID number. If your login attempt succeeds, your registration has been processed.

If possible, please visit the Circulation Desk in person instead of filling out this form. Registering in person will give you immediate database access.

Registration Form

Please fill out all applicable fields below and then click the "submit my request" button. Failure to provide complete or accurate information may delay processing of your submission.

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Note that your ID number is NOT your Social Security Number.
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