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Devices Available for Checkout

The Technology Checkout Program (TCP) offers iPads and Laptops for student use.


30 iPad 2s are available through the program. iPads come pre-loaded with apps


The program offers 99 Dell Latitude D630 laptop computers.


  • Wireless capability
  • 14.1 inch screens
  • 120 GB Hard Drives
  • 2 GBs of memory
  • CD-RW/DVD combo drives
  • External floppy drives are available upon request


  • Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Office Suite (MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, &c.)
  • Cisco Clean Access agent for logging on to the University wireless network

All of our laptops are also equipped with Deep Freeze, special software which allows borrowers to install whatever software they desire on the laptop they are using. You can also save documents to the hard drive. Please note that Deep Freeze will delete anything which is saved onto it every time that you restart or shut down the computer, so please make sure to save your documents to an external device before doing so, or you will lose it.