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Academy of Business Leadership Program: Business Plans Project

ATTENTION: This research guide was last modified on September 09, 2008, before the January 2012 redesign of the library's home page. Information on how to access journal articles, databases, and other library resources may be inaccurate or outdated.

For up-to-date instructions on accessing materials, please visit our tutorial pages instead.

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Getting Started


Finding Journal Articles at CSUDH

Business Databases

The Internet

Citing your Sources

Getting Started

To start your research, use the resources below or begin with the the CSUDH Library web page found at : http://library.csudh.edu/

The resources listed under the category of Online Article Indexes are available from on-campus computers or by remote access CSUDH students who have registered for access. To register, please bring your CSUDH picture ID along with proof of current registration to the Library Circulation Department on the 2nd floor of the library. Distance students may register online at https://library.csudh.edu/rparegform.php, but please allow 5 working days for the completion of the online registration process.


Books are located using the Library's ToroFind catalog. Here you can search for books by author, title or subject. In addition to finding materials available in the CSUDH Library, you will find links that allow you to directly request books from other libraries (All CSUs Catalog and LINK+ buttons). Links are provided below for other local libraries and libraries worldwide.

  • ToroFind: CSUDH Online Catalog is used to find books and other materials available in the CSUDH Library.
  • Ebraryis a growing collection of electronic books on a variety of topics geared to academic libraries and college students. Use the link to access this database. Ebrary books available are listed in the ToroFind Catalog. If you are using this database for the first time, download the eBrary reader.

If you are unable to locate a book in the CSUDH Collection, try these links:

  • Link+allows you to request a book using a union catalog of participating libraries in California and Nevada. If a book is found and available, this is the fastest method of having a book sent to the CSUDH Library for pick-up. You must be registered with the CSUDH Library to use this service.
  • ToroFindhas an "All CSU's Catlog" button for books availabe in the 23 libraries of the California State University. Search for the book and click on this button. Highlight a library name and click on the "Request This Item" button. You must be registered with the CSUDH Library to use this service.
  • Interlibrary Loan a book using a request form . You supply us the information, and the Interlibrary Loan Department will search for the book. Since books may be requested from libraries in other states, this can be the slowest method.
  • Library of Congress Online Catalog
  • LIBWEB(includes links to libraries in over 125 countries)

Finding Journal Articles at CSUDH

To find journal articles when you do not have a specific citation or reference to an article, try one of the article indexes. Click on a link below to access the database of your choice or use our comprehensive list of Article Indexes to see all available CSUDH databases.

For a review of how to use the databases to find journal articles, click here. To limit your results to peer reviewed articles, look for the words "scholarly" and/or "peer reviewed" and place a check in the box beside these words. Many of the citations to articles will have links such as "PDF Full Text" or "HTML Full Text." A button which says "Check Article Availability" will appear in many of the databases. By clicking on it, you can find out if the CSUDH Library has the article in another database or print/microfilm formats.

Business Databases

ABI Inform Business Global - Use this database to search over 1,800 business journals for coverage on business and economic conditions, management techniques and theory, advertising, marketing, human resources and more.

ABI Inform Trade & Industry - Covers more than 750 magazines and newsletters with a trade of industry focus. Look here for the latest industry news, product and competitive information, marketing trends, etc.

Business Full Text - An index with some full text articles. This database provides coverage for a broad spectrum of business-related topics.

Business Source Premier - This is the most comprehensive database for searching scholarly business publications. It includes full text articles for more 1,100 scholarly publication. All areas related to business are covered. When you reach the Choose Databases page, you can either click on Business Source Premier or the Enhanced Business Searching Interface. The Enhanced interface makes it easier to find makes it easier to search Industry Profiles and Market Research Reports.

EIU Viewswire - If global business is your interest, EIU Viewswire provides business country alerts on market developments, country market forecasts and risk assessments, economic indicators, business regulations and more.

Factiva - This is a good database to search for business news and includes the Wall Street Journal . This database has search functions for searching by industry and by company.

Hoover's Company Records - If you need to know about companies and competitors for the type of business you want to establish, Hoover's provides a brief overview of the companies, their products and operations, competitors, and brief financial information.

LEXIS/NEXIS Academic Universe - LEXIS/NEXIS has several modules. To access the business information, be sure to look on the left side of the screen and click on "Business." There is category of "Industry & Market" that can be used to search for industry news items. This database also includes records of SEC filings. In LEXIS/NEXIS , you need to be especially aware of the date range. The default of previous six months may not fit your requirements so be sure to take a look at the date range and reset it if necessary.

Mergent Online - This database provides extensive company information for U.S. and international companies, SEC filings, and a good overview of industries through its industry reports. If you view a page for a specific company, notice the tabs at the top of the page for annual reports, company financials, news, research, etc. Although not available for every company, there are annual reports for both U.S. and international companies. The "create reports" tab allows you to create a custom report.

Snapshots Market Research Reports -- North America - This database includes over 1,100 market reports. Information includes market size, market segmentation, market shares, and market forecasts.

STAT-USA - STAT-USA covers both the U.S. and the world. State of the Nation files provide information on the U.S. economy, e.g, economic indicators, consumer price indexes, and sales statistics. GLOBUS and the NTDB files can be used for international market research, trade opportunities, and country analyses.

Value Line Investment Survey - The Library subscribes only to the portion of this web site called the Value Line Investment Survey Standard Edition. Accessing this resource requires password information available by calling the Reference Desk at (310) 243-3582.

The Internet

There are are millions of web pages with information on business plans. Some have instructions on how to write a business plans and others are sample plans. You should evaluate the quality and accuracy of the information when using information from the web for your project. Here's a link to one of many websites which give you evaluation criteria: Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages.

Here are examples of web pages that can provide information on the basics of a business plan and on measures of industrial activity for marketing analysis:

U.S. Small Business Administration Business Plan Basics - This web page gives you some questions to think about as you are developing your plan. Be sure to check on the link on the left side of the page. This leads to information on writing the plan.

U.S. Small Business Administration Startup Guide - This is another useful page from the SBA to get you thinking about a business.

Current Industrial Reports - The federal government has a wealth of data available on the web. This is an example of a web page that provides statistical data useful for market analysis and forecasting.

Bplans.com - This is a commercial site that gives sample business plans. The business plan that you write will be a result of your own ideas, research, and analysis. Please do not think you can copy one of these!!!

Citing your Sources

When writing a paper or completing a project for a class, you will usually be asked to provide a bibliography of the materials that you used. There are several standard guides available in the Library to help you. Please come to the Reference Desk for assistance. In addition, the CSUDH Library has a summary of the formats that are most commonly used posted on the Library website. Take a look at this guide in advance so you'll know what information you need to jot down before you begin your research. It may be more difficult to retrace your steps than to make bibliographic note cards as you are working on your project.
Citing Your Sources