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UNV 101 — Personal, Social and Intellectual Development

ATTENTION: This research guide was last modified on September 09, 2009, before the January 2012 redesign of the library's home page. Information on how to access journal articles, databases, and other library resources may be inaccurate or outdated.

For up-to-date instructions on accessing materials, please visit our tutorial pages instead.

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General Library Information

Advice for searching subscription databases:

Finding Books in the library

Magazine, journal and newspaper articles online

Finding Quality Websites

Library Handouts

General Library Information


  • The Library Website
  • Library Rules
  • Terminology
      • OPAC - Online Public Access Catalog
      • Periodical - anything published on a regular schedule (6x/year, 4x/year, monthly, weekly, etc.)
      • Call Number - unique identifying letters and numbers on the spine of the book. Books with the same call number have the same subject.
      • LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings) - list of terms libraries use to classify and categorize their books. See THESAURUS.
      • Format - the "container" for the information: print, online, web, microfilm, paper, bound, microfiche, CD-ROM, and many others
  • Locations
      • Library Catalogs - three on the 2nd floor near the elevators, and two on the 3rd and 4th floors
      • Periodicals (paper format) - 3rd floor, in alphabetical order by title

  • Advice for searching subscription databases:


  • Definitions
    • DATABASE: An organized collection of information, especially electronic information.
    • ONLINE JOURNAL INDEX: A database that contains magazine, newspaper and journal articles e.g: Academic Search Premier
    • JOURNAL (also SCHOLARLY JOURNAL): Scholarly publication, articles usually reviewed by experts in the field before publication; published for an academic audience; narrow focus; deeply researched e.g.; American Journal of Psychology
    • MAGAZINE: Publication of general interest: popular interest and broad subjects (e.g: Psychology Today)
    • ABSTRACT: a brief summary of the main content of an article
    • FULL TEXT: the complete article. Click on the   button to see if the Full Text is available.
    • CITATION: the basic information you need to find the full text of an article. Includes article title, author, date, volume/issue, pages, and publication
    • THESAURUS: The list of topic terms each database uses for its articles or records. Every thesaurus is unique to the database or discipline, including the library catalog, which uses the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). When you search by subject (SU) or descriptor (DE), you must use these approved terms. Also called Controlled Vocabulary.
  • Search Concepts
    • Combining keywords
      • 1. AND: Adidas AND marketing
        2. OR: Adidas OR Nike
        3. NOT: Adidas NOT shoes
    • Phrase searching"" ( "Nike Sportswear of America")
    • Advanced Search: Use this frequently to determine your search options. This will save you TIME and FRUSTRATION!
  • Rules and advice
    • Find index descriptors attached to useful article citations- redo your search with these "Official Database Topic Terms"
    • Always use the E-Mail, Print and Save functions embedded within the database window. It is usually not a good idea to use the File-Print or File-Save As functions in the upper left hand corner of the browser.
    • All databases function essentially the same way and have similar features.

  • Finding Books in the library

    Go to TOROFIND: the CSUDH Library Catalog and search on the title, author, subject or keyword. Look not only for that specific call number, but also check out the books in that section.

    • If you don't see the right item listed, or want more titles, try an on a few keywords (in separate boxes).
    • If you still don't find the right book, ask a reference librarian.

    Magazine, journal and newspaper articles online

    Online indexes must be accessed through the CSUDH library homepage (library.csudh.edu). Select Journal Articles & Electronic Resources; You may either browse by subject area or go to your favorite resource using the Alphabetical List.

    Note: These are subscription journal indexes, selected and provided specifically for CSUDH students. To access from home, please see our How to Log in to the Databases from Off-Campus guide for instructions.  
    • Academic Search Premier*: Our most popular general index. Many full-text articles. Easy search and retrieval.

    • ProQuest Databases*: Excellent multi-subject index, with many full-text articles. Very easy to search.

    • WilsonWeb: OmniFile Full-Text Mega*: Another multi-subject index. Lots of full-text.

    • Lexis-Nexis: 100% full-text newspapers, magazines and journal articles on a wide range of topics. Also try their Online Almanac (under Reference)

    • Britannica Online: the online version of Encyclopedia Britannica. Search on your country.

    • CQ Researcher: complete reports on controversial topics and federal legislation
    • JSTOR: 100% peer-reviewed journal articles on a wide range of Humanities subjects.
    • Project Muse: All-scholarly journal index containing Humanities and Social Sciences topics
    *To limit search to peer-reviewed journals only, look for check box next to Peer-Reviewed, Scholarly Journals, or Academic Journals on database search screen (may be in Advanced Search)

    Not sure how to search? Use our HowTo Find Articles help page for assistance.

    Finding Quality Websites

    These are indexes to quality web sites that have been reviewed by librarians. The sites have been checked for accuracy, timiliness, stabilty, and will generally conform to the standards of academic research. However, please be judicious in the use of websites in general, because anybody can put anything on the web.

    Library Handouts

    For more detailed help, download our LIBRARY GUIDES (.doc format) :