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ANT 490 — Proseminar - Careers in Anthropology

ATTENTION: This research guide was last modified on February 02, 2009, before the January 2012 redesign of the library's home page. Information on how to access journal articles, databases, and other library resources may be inaccurate or outdated.

For up-to-date instructions on accessing materials, please visit our tutorial pages instead.

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Choosing Databases by Title

Search Tips

Library Databases by Specialty


From American Anthropological Association

There are many areas of anthropological study....

  • Sociocultural Anthropology - Seeks to understand the internal logic of societies through ethnography
  • Archaeology - Retrieves artifacts from the past and places them in context to understand our history and its relevance for today
  • Physical Anthropology - Traces our biological origins, evolutionary development, and genetic diversity
  • Linguistic Anthropology - Seeks to explain the very nature of language and its use by humans
  • Medical Anthropology - Seeks to better understand factors that influence peoples' health and well being
  • Forensic Anthropology - Seeks to identify skeletal, or otherwise decomposed, human remains
  • Business Anthropology - Helps businesses gain a better understanding of their activities and customers
  • Visual Anthropology - Documents everyday life through filmmaking
  • Environmental Anthropology - Believes that the well-being of the environment goes hand in hand with the well-being of people
  • Museum Anthropology - Interprets ethnographic and archaeological collections to the general public

Choosing Databases by Title

Online databases must be accessed thorugh the CSUDH library homepage (library.csudh.edu).  Select Journal Articles & Electronic Resources.  You may either browse by subject area or go to your favorite resource using the Alphabetical List.

NOTE:  These are subscription databases; they are selected and provided specifically for CSUDH students.  To access them from home, please see our Remote Patron Access Instructions Guide for login instructions. 

Search Tips


Use quotation marks for phrases; librarians call this concept phrase searching.

(For example, try searching "physical anthropology".)

Try clicking on the advanced search options.

Remember, the more words you type, the fewer results you will get.

To get more results, expand your search by using fewer or more general terms.

Synonyms and spelling variations can change your results.

For Google searches, check out our Guide for Searching Google.

Keep trying!  Research can take several searches before you find what you need.

Handy Search Concepts:


  1. AND:   archaeology AND Egypt AND digs
  2. OR:   digs OR sites
  3. NOT:   forensics NOT skeletal

Library Databases by Specialty

General - All Specialties

Anthropological Index Online

Project Muse


Sociocultural Anthropology

SocINDEX (Sociology Research Database) (EBSCO) -
Sociological Abstracts (CSA) -
Chicano Database -
Ethnic NewsWatch -
GenderWatch -
Handbook of Latin American Studies -
Oxford African American Studies Center -

Archaeology, Physical, & Forensic Anthropology

Biological Abstracts (Ebsco) -
Elsevier Science Direct (full text from 1995) -
General Science Full Text (Wilson) -
PLOS Public Library of Science -
Wiley InterScience Journals -

Linguistic Anthropology

Literature & Linguistics (MLA Bibliography) -
Oxford African American Studies Center -
Handbook of Latin American Studies -
GenderWatch -

Medical Anthropology

Alt HealthWatch (EBSCO) -- Alternative Health & Consumer Health -
Cochrane Library (Evidence-based medicine databases) -
Cancer Library (Cochrane Cancer Network) -
Health Source - Consumer Edition (EBSCO) -
Medical Books Online (FreeBooks4 Doctors) -
Medical Library (ProQuest) -
MEDLINE (Ebsco) -
PubMed Central -

Business Anthropology

Business Source Premier (EBSCO) -
Business Full-text (Wilson) -
Communication & Mass Media Complete
Emerald Fulltext (Management, engineering, applied science and technology journals) -
PsycINFO (Ebsco) -
SocINDEX (Sociology Research Database) (EBSCO) -
Trade & Industry (ABI/Inform) -

Visual Anthropology

Humanities Full Text (Wilson) -
Project Muse -

Environmental Anthropology

Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) -
Animals (EBSCO Online encyclopedia) -
Biological Abstracts (Ebsco) -
Elsevier Science Direct (full text from 1995) -
General Science Full Text (Wilson) -
PLOS Public Library of Science -
Wiley InterScience Journals -

Museum Anthropology

Communication databases (Ebsco) -
ERIC (Education EBSCO) -
Education Full Text (Wilson) -

Guide created by Liz Brennan, SJSU Library School Intern