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This is a list of all the books the library has acquired between the dates of November 1st 2007 and June 30th, 2008.

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Call Number: PN6231.A43 H66 2007
Title: Tales of graceful aging from the planet denial / Nicole Hollander.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ8.1.C1626 Ta 2004
Title: Tales our abuelitas told : a Hispanic folktale collection / F. Isabel Campoy and Alma Flor Ada illustrated by Felipe Dávalos...[et al.].

Call Number: JZ1480 .W35 2005
Title: Taming American power : the global response to U.S. primacy / Stephen M. Walt.

Call Number: PL2949.5.A5 T3613 2003
Title: Tang. English";"Candy : a novel / Mian Mian translated by Andrea Lingenfelter.

Call Number: E183.8.I55 R58 2006
Title: Target Iran : the truth about the White House's plans for regime change / Scott Ritter.

Call Number: HD8039.T162 U636 2007
Title: Taxi! : a social history of the New York City cabdriver / Graham Russell Gao Hodges.

Call Number: CMC Juv TL789.8.U6 A582546 2006
Title: Team Moon : how 400,000 people landed Apollo 11 on the moon / by Catherine Thimmesh.

Call Number: HQ796 .S284 2007
Title: Teenage : the creation of youth culture / Jon Savage.

Call Number: PN1992.6 .O28 2006
Title: Television, democracy and elections in Russia / Sarah Oates.

Call Number: DU122.B7 H36 2005
Title: Ten pound Poms : Australia's invisible migrants / A. James Hammerton and Alistair Taylor.

Call Number: HN90.M3 A47 2006
Title: Terrorism and the politics of fear / David L. Altheide.

Call Number: HV6432 .B67 2003
Title: Terrorism and tyranny : trampling freedom, justice, and peace to rid the world of evil / James Bovard.

Call Number: KF7225 .T48 2005
Title: Terrorism, the laws of war, and the Constitution : debating the enemy combatant cases / edited by Peter Berkowitz.

Call Number: PQ7697 .B76 2005
Title: Test tube envy : science and power in Argentine narrative / J. Andrew Brown.

Call Number: F864 .T327 2006
Title: Testimonios : early California through the eyes of women, 1815-1848 / translated with introduction and commentary by Rose Marie Beebe and Robert M. Senkewicz.

Call Number: DU28.11 .T49 2006
Title: Texts and contexts : reflections in Pacific Islands historiography / edited by Doug Munro and Brij V. Lal.

Call Number: PR658.A897 B47 2006
Title: Textual patronage in English drama, 1570-1640 / David M. Bergeron.

Call Number: DS586 .P37 2004
Title: Thaksin : the business of politics in Thailand / Pasuk Phongpaichit, Chris Baker.

Call Number: D744.7.U6 L43 2006
Title: Thanks for the memories : love, sex, and World War II / Jane Mersky Leder.

Call Number: PE1460 .J46 2007
Title: That or which, and why : a usage guide for thoughtful writers and editors / Evan Jenkins.

Call Number: ML3518 .S46 2004
Title: That toddlin' town : Chicago's white dance bands and orchestras, 1900-1950 / Charles A. Sengstock Jr.

Call Number: PS374.R32 R35 2004
Title: The tragic mulatta revisited : race and nationalism in nineteenth-century antislavery fiction / Eve Allegra Raimon.

Call Number: HG4523 .M257 2006
Title: The (mis)behavior of markets : a fractal view of risk, ruin, and reward / Benoit B. Mandelbrot and Richard L. Hudson.

Call Number: QB524 .O34 2001
Title: The 23rd cycle : learning to live with a stormy star / Sten F. Odenwald.

Call Number: DA18 .P65 2004
Title: The absent-minded imperialists : empire, society, and culture in Britain / Bernard Porter.

Call Number: HN60 .G55 2006
Title: The absolutely worst places to live in America / Dave Gilmartin.

Call Number: HC241.2 .A6313 2007
Title: The accession story : the EU from fifteen to twenty-five countries / edited by George Vassiliou.

Call Number: F904.6 .S56 2008
Title: The accidental explorer : wayfinding in Alaska / Sherry Simpson.

Call Number: QP376 .L577 2007
Title: The accidental mind / David J. Linden.

Call Number: CMC Juv G370.P9 F74 2006
Title: The adventures of Marco Polo / by Russell Freedman with illustrations by Bagram Ibatoulline accompanied by archival, period artwork.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.G873 Ad 2006
Title: The adventures of the dish and the spoon / Mini Grey.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, B874
Title: The aesthetic qualities of Zen Haiku in music / by Jesse Hugh Burgess III.

Call Number: HV6431 .B456 2002
Title: The age of sacred terror / Daniel Benjamin, Steven Simon.

Call Number: E468 .S63 2007
Title: The American Civil War / Adam I.P. Smith.

Call Number: KF4541 .D56 2006
Title: The American state constitutional tradition / John J. Dinan.

Call Number: DS62.2 .A63 2006
Title: The ancient Near East : historical sources in translation / edited by Mark W. Chavalas.

Call Number: BR115.C8 A57 2006
Title: The anthropology of Christianity / edited by Fenella Cannell.

Call Number: PS3553.O47478 A8 1988
Title: The apple that astonished Paris : poems / by Billy Collins.

Call Number: E99.C37 A73 2006
Title: The archaeology of Chaco Canyon : an eleventh-century Pueblo regional center / edited by Stephen H. Lekson.

Call Number: DT61 .W456 2006
Title: The archaeology of early Egypt : social transformations in north-east Africa, 10,000 to 2650 BC / David Wengrow.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, B435
Title: The archetypal world of the I Ching : the journey of the sage-ruler / by Carole Beckham.

Call Number: JK2316 .B335 2007
Title: The argument : billionaires, bloggers, and the battle to remake Democratic politics / Matt Bai.

Call Number: QL684.A6 A75 2005
Title: The Arizona breeding bird atlas / edited by Troy E. Corman and Cathryn Wise-Gervais.

Call Number: DS175 .P26 2006
Title: The Armenians : from kings and priests to merchants and commissars / Razmik Panossian.

Call Number: N6537.S2 A4 2005
Title: The art of Betye, Lezley, and Alison Saar / Jessica Dallow and Barbara C. Matilsky with an essay by Tracye Saar-Cavanaugh.

Call Number: QA76.76.C68 S96 2005
Title: The art of computer virus research and defense / Peter Szor.

Call Number: PS3553.O47478 A84 1995
Title: The art of drowning / Billy Collins.

Call Number: NK839.3.J32 H57 2005
Title: The art of gaman : arts and crafts from the Japanese American internment camps, 1942-1946 / Delphine Hirasuna designed by Kit Hinrichs photography by Terry Heffernan.

Call Number: DU423.T4 E93 2005
Title: The art of Māori weaving : the eternal thread / Miriama Evans, Ranui Ngarimu photography by Norman Heke.

Call Number: BX4705.G419 G653 2007
Title: The art of political murder : who killed the Bishop? / Francisco Goldman.

Call Number: QA29.B692 A29 2006
Title: The artist and the mathematician : the story of Nicolas Bourbaki, the genius mathematician who never existed / Amir D. Aczel.

Call Number: DS79.76 .P33 2005
Title: The assassins' gate : America in Iraq / George Packer.

Call Number: GV706.35 .G46 2006
Title: The athletic crusade : sport and American cultural imperialism / Gerald R. Gems.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, M345
Title: The baroque continuum : the influence of the praeludien from Bach's Well-tempered Clavier on Chopin's Preludes, op. 28 / by Daniel Sakari Mahlberg .

Call Number: E895 .Z56 2006
Title: The battle for peace : a frontline vision of America's power and purpose / Tony Zinni, Tony Koltz.

Call Number: D16.14 .P66 1997
Title: The battle of Valle Giulia : oral history and the art of dialogue / Alessandro Portelli.

Call Number: DS485.B493 S375 2005
Title: The Bengal borderland : beyond state and nation in South Asia / Willem van Schendel.

Call Number: Q172 .E36 2006
Title: The best of all possible worlds : mathematics and destiny / Ivar Ekeland.

Call Number: JN94.A56 C69 2007
Title: The best system money can buy : corruption in the European Union / Carolyn M. Warner.

Call Number: HC106.83 .O86 2007
Title: The best-laid plans : how government planning harms your quality of life, your pocketbook, and your future / Randal O'Toole.

Call Number: PS3553.H754 B47 2007
Title: The bestiary : a novel / Nicholas Christopher.

Call Number: SD387.B55 B56 2004
Title: The bioengineered forest : challenges for science and society / edited by Steven H. Strauss and H.D. (Toby) Bradshaw.

Call Number: DA758.4 .B56 2006
Title: The biographical dictionary of Scottish women : from the earliest times to 2004 / editors: Elizabeth Ewan, Sue Innes, Siân Reynolds co-ordinating editor Rose Pipes.

Call Number: TP339 .B548 2007
Title: The biomass assessment handbook : bioenergy for a sustainable environment / edited by Frank Rosillo-Calle ... [et al.].

Call Number: HG3881.5.W57 S73 2006
Title: The birth of development : how the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization, and World Health Organization changed the world, 1945-1965 / Amy L.S. Staples.

Call Number: HT653.G7 C7595 2005
Title: The birth of nobility : constructing aristocracy in England and France : 900-1300 / David Crouch.

Call Number: HV640.5.A6 M67 2004
Title: The birth of the Palestinian refugee problem revisited / Benny Morris.

Call Number: BP130.4 .B57 2006
Title: The Blackwell companion to the Qurʼān / edited by Andrew Rippin.

Call Number: BL48 .B53 2006
Title: The Blackwell companion to the study of religion / edited by Robert A. Segal.

Call Number: Ref HM425 .B53 2007
Title: The Blackwell encyclopedia of sociology / edited by George Ritzer.

Call Number: CMC Juv PR9199.3.B43 B58 2006
Title: The blue helmet : a novel / William Bell.

Call Number: HD7288.U4 G36 2007
Title: The boardinghouse in nineteenth-century America / Wendy Gamber.

Call Number: PS3531.A525 Z88 2006
Title: The borderlands of culture : Américo Paredes and the transnational imaginary / Ramón Saldívar.

Call Number: JV6021 .L58 2006
Title: The borders in all of us : new approaches to global diasporic societies / William A. Little, Selase W. Williams, Irene Vasquez, Munashe Furusa, Jung-Sun Park.

Call Number: E78.O4 B58 2006
Title: The boundaries between us : natives and newcomers along the frontiers of the Old Northwest Territory, 1750-1850 / edited by Daniel P. Barr.

Call Number: PS3569.A7897 B73 2007
Title: The braindead megaphone : essays / George Saunders.

Call Number: PS3602.R63 B75 2006
Title: The brief history of the dead / Kevin Brockmeier.

Call Number: PS3554.I259 B75 2007
Title: The brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao / Junot Díaz.

Call Number: JN956 .K37 2005
Title: The British general election of 2005 / Dennis Kavanagh, David Butler.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, L3633
Title: The British mandate in Iraq : the reasons for its failure, and the concomitant results on that country, 1920-1932 / by David G. Lamb.

Call Number: E903 .B69 2004
Title: The Bush betrayal / James Bovard.

Call Number: PR2673 .C36 2004
Title: The Cambridge companion to Christopher Marlowe / edited by Patrick Cheney.

Call Number: HB101.H39 C394 2006
Title: The Cambridge companion to Hayek / edited by Edward Feser.

Call Number: CC77.H5 C36 2006
Title: The Cambridge companion to historical archaeology / edited by Dan Hicks and Mary C. Beaudry.

Call Number: PQ1860 .C36 2006
Title: The Cambridge companion to Moliere / edited by David Bradby, Andrew Calder.

Call Number: PR4168 .C29 2002
Title: The Cambridge companion to the Brontës / edited by Heather Glen.

Call Number: PR478.M6 C36 2007
Title: The Cambridge companion to the modernist novel / edited by Morag Shiach.

Call Number: PR8789 .C28 2004
Title: The Cambridge companion to twentieth-century Irish drama / edited by Shaun Richards.

Call Number: BR67 .C25 2004
Title: The Cambridge history of early Christian literature / edited by Frances Young, Lewis Ayres, Andrew Louth.

Call Number: Q162 .A59 2007
Title: The canon : a whirligig tour of the beautiful basics of science / Natalie Angier.

Call Number: BF724.2 .E67 2007
Title: The case against adolescence : rediscovering the adult in every teen / Robert Epstein.

Call Number: JZ1480 .M3258 2005
Title: The case for Goliath : how America acts as the world's government in the twenty-first century / Michael Mandelbaum.

Call Number: DS125 .D47 2003
Title: The case for Israel / Alan Dershowitz.

Call Number: CMC Juv DS135.C97 W45537 2006
Title: The cat with the yellow star : coming of age in Terezin / by Susan Goldman Rubin with Ela Weissberger.

Call Number: BX1422.Q8 G38 2005
Title: The Catholic origins of Quebec's Quiet Revolution, 1931-1970 / Michael Gauvreau.

Call Number: HE9713 .C44 2006
Title: The cell phone reader : essays in social transformation / edited by Anandam Kavoori and Noah Arceneaux.

Call Number: RC464.S25 A3 2007
Title: The center cannot hold : my journey through madness / Elyn R. Saks.

Call Number: DS145 .L325 2006
Title: The changing face of antisemitism : from ancient times to the present day / Walter Laqueur.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, E454
Title: The changing significance of Seppuku in Tokugawa Japan / by Jonathan P. Ellgen.

Call Number: QD466 .E34 2006
Title: The chemical element : a historical perspective / Andrew Ede.

Call Number: QD381 .N53 2006
Title: The chemistry of polymers / John W. Nicholson.

Call Number: HB98.3 .O87 2007
Title: The Chicago School : how the University of Chicago assembled the thinkers who revolutionized economics and business / by Johan Van Overtveldt.

Call Number: F595 .L37 2004
Title: The children's blizzard / David Laskin.

Call Number: PN1992.8.C46 C45 2007
Title: The children's television community / edited by J. Alison Bryant

Call Number: BX1406.3 .W66 2004
Title: The church confronts modernity : Catholic intellectuals and the progressive era / Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Call Number: BV4468.2.M48 T74 2006
Title: The church in the barrio : Mexican American ethno-Catholicism in Houston / Roberto R. Treviño.

Call Number: HD9130.8.U5 B72 2007
Title: The cigarette century : the rise, fall, and deadly persistence of the product that defined America / Allan M. Brandt.

Call Number: PN1995 .C77 2004
Title: The cinema effect / Sean Cubitt.

Call Number: PN1998.3.O83 C38 2006
Title: The cinema of Mamoru Oshii : fantasy, technology, and politics / Dani Cavallaro.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, M363
Title: The civil rights record of the Nixon administration : advances despite neglect / by Robert A. Mancini.

Call Number: D843 .G22 2005
Title: The Cold War : a new history / John Lewis Gaddis.

Call Number: E99.M83 O23 2006
Title: The collected writings of Samson Occom, Mohegan : leadership and literature in eighteenth-century Native America / edited by Joanna Brooks foreword by Robert Warrior.

Call Number: TR6.U62 P37 2006
Title: The collectible moment : catalogue of photographs in the Norton Simon Museum / Gloria Williams Sander, editor essays by Therese Mulligan, Gloria Williams Sander with contributions by Bill Arnold ... [et al.].

Call Number: Q164 .G248 2006
Title: The colossal book of short puzzles and problems : combinatorics, probability, algebra, geometry, topology, chess, logic, cryptarithms, wordplay, physics and other topics of recreational mathematics / Martin Gardner edited by Dana Richards.

Call Number: PL984.E3 C65 2002
Title: The Columbia anthology of traditional Korean poetry / edited by Peter H. Lee.

Call Number: PS374.N4 D533 2005
Title: The Columbia guide to contemporary African American fiction / Darryl Dickson-Carr.

Call Number: Z286.E43 C65 2003
Title: The Columbia guide to digital publishing / edited by William E. Kasdorf.

Call Number: HV6432.7 .S496 2008
Title: The Commission : the uncensored history of the 9/11 investigation / Philip Shenon.

Call Number: NA275 .S67 2006
Title: The complete Greek temples / Tony Spawforth.

Call Number: KF4541 .C833 2005
Title: The Constitution in Congress : descent into the maelstrom, 1829-1861 / David P. Currie.

Call Number: QB461 .L66 2006
Title: The cosmic century : a history of astrophysics and cosmology / Malcolm S. Longair.

Call Number: QB981 .F68 2006
Title: The cosmos : a historical perspective / Craig G. Fraser.

Call Number: QH303 .W55 2006
Title: The creation : an appeal to save life on earth / Edward O. Wilson.

Call Number: BS652 .M33 2006
Title: The creationist debate : the encounter between the Bible and the historical mind / Arthur McCalla.

Call Number: DS146.G4 B484 2007
Title: The crime of my very existence : Nazism and the myth of Jewish criminality / Michael Berkowitz.

Call Number: RJ503 .C76 2006
Title: The crisis in youth mental health : critical issues and effective programs / Hiram E. Fitzgerald, Robert Zucker, and Kristine Freeark, editors in chief.

Call Number: E902 .W54 2006
Title: The crisis of American foreign policy : the effects of a divided America / Howard J. Wiarda with the assistance of Esther M. Skelley.

Call Number: BP182 .L48 2003
Title: The crisis of Islam : holy war and unholy terror / Bernard Lewis.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, P356
Title: The crone reborn : evolution of the old woman in modern literature / by Diane E. Palmer.

Call Number: QA639.5 .Z64 2006
Title: The cube : a window to convex and discrete geometry / Chuanming Zong.

Call Number: HM851 .K44 2007
Title: The cult of the amateur : how today's internet is killing our culture/ Andrew Keen.

Call Number: RA780 .B56 2006
Title: The culture of cleanliness in Renaissance Italy / Douglas Biow.

Call Number: RC455.4.E8 S555 2006
Title: The culture of our discontent : beyond the medical model of mental illness / Meredith F. Small.

Call Number: BL1941 .F4513 2004
Title: The Daoist monastic manual : a translation of the Fengdao kejie / [edited] Livia Kohn.

Call Number: ML338 .L39 2006
Title: The dawn of Indian music in the West : Bhairavi / Peter Lavezzoli.

Call Number: E184.36.P64 F69 2007
Title: The deadliest lies : the Israel lobby and the myth of Jewish control / Abraham H. Foxman.

Call Number: BF109.F74 E36 2007
Title: The death of Sigmund Freud : the legacy of his last days / Mark Edmundson.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, W554
Title: The death penalty in the United States : a study of the abolitionist movement from the 1970s to the present / by Robert D. Wilfong.

Call Number: E807 .A784 2006
Title: The defining moment : FDR's hundred days and the triumph of hope / Jonathan Alter.

Call Number: HD31 .E356 2007
Title: The definitive Drucker / Elizabeth Haas Edersheim.

Call Number: HX240.7.A6 O54 2004
Title: The demise of Communist East Europe : 1989 in context / Robin Okey.

Call Number: HC955.Z9 D458 2006
Title: The Democratic Republic of Congo : economic dimensions of war and peace / Michael Nest with François Grignon and Emizet F. Kisangani.

Call Number: G155.M6 B47 2006
Title: The development of Mexico's tourism industry : pyramids by day, martinis by night / Dina Berger.

Call Number: CT2448.F67 A3 2002b
Title: The devil that danced on the water : a daughter's quest / Aminatta Forna.

Call Number: Q125 .B2925 2006
Title: The dialogue of civilizations in the birth of modern science / Arun Bala.

Call Number: HM478 .D58 2005
Title: The disobedient generation : social theorists in the sixties / edited by Alan Sica and Stephen Turner.

Call Number: E99.I7 T299 2006
Title: The divided ground : Indians, settlers and the northern borderland of the American Revolution / Alan Taylor.

Call Number: PN1995.9.D6 J58 2006
Title: The documentary film makers handbook / by Genevieve Jolliffe and Andrew Zinnes.

Call Number: Folio NE2042 .E27 2006
Title: The early modern painter-etcher / edited by Michael Cole.

Call Number: GV1646.E6 R38 2006
Title: The early Stuart masque : dance, costume, and music / Barbara Ravelhofer.

Call Number: HD9574.M615 H837 2006
Title: The ecology of oil : environment, labor, and the Mexican Revolution, 1900-1938 / Myrna I. Santiago.

Call Number: HB71 .F6957 2007
Title: The economic naturalist : in search of explanations for everyday enigmas / Robert H. Frank.

Call Number: HF1418.5 .J678 2006
Title: The economics of international integration / Miroslav N. Jovanović.

Call Number: HC106.3 .P33468 2007
Title: The economics of the Great Depression : a twenty-first century look back at the economics of the interwar era / Randall E. Parker.

Call Number: SB473 .P28 2007
Title: The education of a gardener / Russell Page preface by Robin Lane Fox.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, EDU, L443
Title: The effects of educational software on emergent readers : a tbe fieldtest / by Michelle Bella Legaspi.

Call Number: JK526 2004 .E64 2005
Title: The elections of 2004 / edited by Michael Nelson.

Call Number: HC435.3 .M47 2007
Title: The elephant and the dragon : the rise of India and China and what it means for all of us / Robyn Meredith.

Call Number: DS428.2 .T46 2007
Title: The elephant, the tiger, and the cell phone : reflections on India, the emerging 21st-century power / Shashi Tharoor.

Call Number: Q124.97 .G38 2006
Title: The emergence of a scientific culture : science and the shaping of modernity, 1210-1685 / Stephen Gaukroger.

Call Number: PR701 .C36 2006
Title: The emergence of dramatic criticism in England : from Jonson to Pope / Paul D. Cannan.

Call Number: BF444 .M56 2006
Title: The emotion machine : commensense thinking, artificial intelligence, and the future of the human mind / Marvin Minsky.

Call Number: B491.P8 K65 2006
Title: The emotions of the Ancient Greeks : studies in Aristotle and classical literature / David Konstan.

Call Number: PS3603.A78 E4 2002
Title: The emperor of Ocean Park / Stephen L. Carter.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, ENG, O785
Title: The empire and the garden : exile and education in three Caribbean texts / by Regina Kathleen Ortiz.

Call Number: PS3554.I825 E47 2007
Title: The Empress of Weehawken / Irene Dische.

Call Number: RC649 .P48 2005
Title: The encyclopedia of endocrine diseases and disorders / William Petit Jr., Christine Adamec.

Call Number: Ref RC1206 .O355 2005
Title: The encyclopedia of sports medicine / Elizabeth Oakes foreword by Connie Lebrun.

Call Number: PS3619.H397 E6 2006
Title: The end as I know it : a novel of millennial anxiety / Kevin Shay.

Call Number: PR9199.4.R5237 E53 2007
Title: The end of the alphabet / C.S. Richardson.

Call Number: QC16.B643 G74 2005
Title: The end of the certain world : the life and science of Max Born : the Nobel physicist who ignited the quantum revolution / Nancy Thorndike Greenspan.

Call Number: DC226.3 .K34 2006
Title: The end of the old order : Napoleon and Europe, 1801-1805 / Frederick W. Kagan.

Call Number: QH75 .M478 2006
Title: The end of the wild / Stephen M. Meyer.

Call Number: GE170 .N335 2006
Title: The environmental endgame : mainstream economics, ecological disaster, and human survival / Robert L. Nadeau.

Call Number: QP601 .P87 2002
Title: The enzyme reference : a comprehensive guidebook to enzyme nomenclature, reactions, and methods / Daniel L. Purich, R. Donald Allison.

Call Number: PQ7499.L3 L35 2006
Title: The epic of America : an introduction to Rafael Landívar and the Rusticatio Mexicana / Andrew Laird.

Call Number: PN511 .B56 2006
Title: The essential Wayne Booth / edited and with an introduction by Walter Jost.

Call Number: JC323 .W55 2006
Title: The ethics of territorial borders : drawing lines in the shifting sand / John Williams.

Call Number: DS119.7 .P28882 2006
Title: The ethnic cleansing of Palestine / Ilan Pappe.

Call Number: HD7125 .E96 2005
Title: The evolving pension system : trends, effects, and proposals for reform / William G. Gale, John B. Shoven, Mark J. Warshawsky, editors.

Call Number: E179.5 .L56 2007
Title: The fabric of America : how our borders and boundaries shaped the country and forged our national identity / Andro Linklater.

Call Number: HV8699.U5 S76 2006
Title: The fairer death : executing women in Ohio / Victor L. Streib.

Call Number: DS79.76 .A53 2004
Title: The fall of Baghdad / Jon Lee Anderson.

Call Number: DG311 .W33 2005
Title: The fall of Rome : and the end of civilization / Bryan Ward-Perkins.

Call Number: PR438.E36 M37 2006
Title: The Far East and the English imagination, 1600-1730 / Robert Markley.

Call Number: PS3537.O8 F54 2005
Title: The fifth string / John Philip Sousa.

Call Number: PN1998.3.B875 M36 2005
Title: The films of Tim Burton : animating live action in contemporary Hollywood / Alison McMahan.

Call Number: E185.615 .K3747 2007
Title: The fire this time / Randall Kenan.

Call Number: BL2270 .K47 2006
Title: The fire, the star, and the cross : minority religions in medieval and early modern Iran / Aptin Khanbaghi.

Call Number: LD729.6 .D72, 2007, HUM, R534
Title: The firebombing of Dresden : a study of the political and social dynamics involved in the buildup and manifestation of the event / by Timothy C. Ridge.

Call Number: GN282 .G52 2007
Title: The first human : the race to discover our earliest ancestors / Ann Gibbons.

Call Number: DS553.1 .F48 2007
Title: The first Vietnam War : colonial conflict and cold war crisis / edited by Mark Atwood Lawrence, Fredrik Logevall.

Call Number: Ref F1006 .M943 2005
Title: The Fitzhenry and Whiteside book of Canadian facts and dates / editorial director, Richard W. Pound supervising editor, Richard Dionne editors, Jay Myers, James Musson contributors, Elizabeth Ballantyne ... [et al.].

Call Number: HQ1745.8 .A683 2006
Title: The flaming womb : repositioning women in early modern Southeast Asia / Barbara Watson Andaya.

Call Number: BT734 .K53 2006
Title: The forging of races : race and scripture in the Protestant Atlantic world, 1600-2000 / Colin Kidd.

Call Number: PS3562.E8544 F67 2003
Title: The fortress of solitude : a novel / Jonathan Lethem.

Call Number: QA445 .S763 2005
Title: The four pillars of geometry / John Stillwell.

Call Number: Q175.32.O58 L69 2006
Title: The four-category ontology : a metaphysical foundation for natural science / E.J. Lowe.

Call Number: B2430.N364 J36 2006
Title: The fragmentary demand : an introduction to the philosophy of Jean-Luc Nancy / Ian James.

Call Number: PR5883 .S57 2007
Title: The friendship : Wordsworth and Coleridge / Adam Sisman.

Call Number: PN1995.9.L58 T46 2007
Title: The Frodo franchise : the Lord of the rings and modern Hollywood / Kristin Thompson.

Call Number: CMC Juv PZ7.B4997 Fro 2007
Title: The frog who wanted to see the sea / Guy Billout.

Call Number: HC240 .A59944 2006
Title: The future of Europe : reform or decline / Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi.

Call Number: HQ503 .B53 2007
Title: The future of marriage / David Blankenhorn.

Call Number: HQ536 .F98 2004
Title: The future of the family / Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Timothy M. Smeeding, and Lee Rainwater, editors.

Call Number: HM714 .A93 2005
Title: The general sociology of Harrison C. White : chaos and order in networks / G. Reza Azarian.

Call Number: F279.C453 .B35 2007
Title: The genetic strand : exploring a family history through DNA / Edward Ball.

Call Number: QH31.C33 L98 2007
Title: The gentle subversive : Rachel Carson, Silent spring, and the rise of the environmental movement / Mark Hamilton Lytle.

Call Number: E475.55 .B68 2006
Title: The Gettysburg gospel : the Lincoln speech that nobody knows / Gabor Boritt.

Call Number: PN1998.3.S474 A76 2003
Title: The girl from God's country : Nell Shipman and the silent cinema / Kay Armatage.

Call Number: HV875.55 .F465 2006
Title: The girls who went away : the hidden history of women who surrendered children for adoption in the decades before Roe v. Wade / Ann Fessler.

Call Number: HD9650.5 .G576 2007
Title: The global chemical industry in the age of the petrochemical revolution / edited by Louis Galambos, Takashi Hikino, Vera Zamagni.

Call Number: HD6791 .K3678 2004
Title: The global evolution of industrial relations : events, ideas and the IIRA / Bruce E. Kaufman.

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